Why Are Fishing Kayaks So Expensive? 4 Reasons

why are fishing kayaks so expensive

Fishing is a hobby for many. But at the same time, it is a profession for millions. Thus, when fishing gear becomes expensive, people start to pay attention, and kayaks are no different. Sure not many fishers may use a fishing kayak over a boat, but enough people do to make a difference. But why are fishing kayaks so expensive?

Why Are Fishing Kayaks So Expensive:

Here are some of the reasons explaining why fishing kayaks are so expensive.

Additional Features For Fishing:

The features of a kayak designed for fishing will be different from those of a standard kayak. For this reason, kayak manufacturers include almost all these features with their kayaks to stay competitive. Included in these features could be built-in rod holders and cup holders, as well as track systems for mounting accessories.

As a result, a fishing kayak with all these accessories can end up being much more expensive than a kayak without any accessories.

High-Quality Materials In The Built:

Kayaks made with lower-grade plastic are often more affordable or less expensive. Polyethylene plastic kayaks are a good example. However, kayaks manufactured with this polyethylene plastic will be less durable and heavier than those made with more durable materials. Production of even a plastic fishing kayak with an intricate design can be expensive. In order to create these kayaks, rotational molding, or rotomolding, is used.

But again, these kayaks are not durable. In comparison, the strength, lightness, and durability of fiberglass and composite materials are the most obvious benefits. A standard plastic kayak costs much less than one of these.

Additional Storage:

Storage is essential, whether using a recreational kayak or an ocean kayak. The need for more storage options will always exist. This is particularly true of fishing kayaks. Kayak users who fish will need to store additional gear.

There are different ways fishing kayak manufacturers have added storage. In a fishing kayak, the bow and stern storage wells provide plenty of storage space, while the dry center hatch provides a place to store items that you’d like to stay (mostly) dry.

Premium Accessories:

Paddles are not necessary for every kayak. Pedal drive systems or trolling motors are available on some kayak brands. A fishing kayak with a pedal drive is very convenient but costs quite a bit more than one without.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What makes a fishing kayak different?

Ans: In addition to being wider with a sit-on-top design, fishing kayaks can be customized to fit any angler’s gear requirements. On the other hand, a recreational kayak features a sit-inside design and is intended for general use. On the water, they’re pretty agile and don’t have many features.

Q: Why is kayak fishing so popular?

Ans: Having found a niche as a way for people to get into the sport, kayak fishing has become a popular entry point. More anglers are paying attention to this trend as it continues to catch fire because it allows anglers to experience fishing in a different way.

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