Why Are Fishing Kayaks More Expensive in 2023 Buyer’s Guide

Why Are Fishing Kayaks More Expensive

Why can fishing kayaks be so expensive, and are they worth all the extra money printed on their price tags? I certainly thought so! Read on to find out why!

You might not need or even want these improvements as kayaks to improve and prices rise yearly. Here are a few reasons Why Are Fishing Kayaks More Expensive!

5 Reasons Why Are Fishing Kayaks More Expensive

Additional Fishing Features

Kayaks meant specifically for fishing will include features not found in regular kayaks. Manufacturers of kayaks have many of these features to stay competitive.Examples of such features are built-in rod holders, cup holders, or track systems for mounting accessories.These track systems can mount kayak fishfinders, Go-Pros, or even outriggers for kayaks. In addition to buying a kayak, some anglers also choose to purchase a trolling motor for it.

These fishing-specific accessories can add to the cost of owning a fishing kayak.

High-Quality Materials

Low-cost or more affordable kayaks are often made from inferior materials.

Kayaks made of polyethylene plastic typically fall into this category. However, a kayak made from polyethylene plastic will be less durable and heavier than a kayak crafted from other high-quality materials.Plastic fishing kayaks can cost more to produce if they have intricate designs. The kayaks are made using rotational molding, also known as roto-molding.In this process, polyethylene powder is melted in a rotating mold by a high-temperature oven.

Kevlar and carbon fiber are composite materials that are lighter and more durable than fiberglass.

Their cost, however, is much higher than a standard plastic kayak.

Upgrades for Comfort

When it comes to fishing kayaks, comfort is a big selling point. A kayak fishing angler might spend a lot of time in the cockpit.So, the kayak seat must be of a high level of comfort in this case.

There are various kayak seating options, and new fishing kayaks are pushing the envelope more to catch people’s attention with new designs and extra padding.

Regarding fishing kayaks, seating options might include a seat with a higher back and a heart that sits higher to provide maximum comfort.A fishing kayak may also have a seat that reclines or can be adjusted to the user’s preference.

Additional Storage

Storage is essential regardless of whether you have an ocean kayak or a recreational kayak.

More storage options are always needed. A fishing kayak is no exception.When someone uses a kayak for fishing, they will have the additional gear they need to store.

Thanks to kayak manufacturers, there are several ways to add storage to fishing kayaks.The bow and stern storage wells provide the most storage space on a fishing kayak, while the dry center hatch is ideal for storing items that need to stay dry (mostly).

Premium Accessories

Kayaks don’t always require paddles to move from A to B. Pedal drive systems, and kayak trolling motors are options on some kayak brands.

Pedal drive kayaks, for example, are convenient but cost considerably more than standard fishing kayaks.

Fishing Kayak Features That Add to the Price

  • Include rod holders.
  • Tracking system included.
  • Foot pedals included.
  • Rotors included.
  • Holders for cups included.
  • Hatch for storage in the cockpit.

Final Thoughts | Why Are Fishing Kayaks So Expensive?

A casual observer might think kayak prices, specifically fishing kayak prices, are out of control.

That is partially true. However, the truth is that customers’ expectations and competition between kayak brands are also driving up the quality of what is included with the kayak. Consequently, kayaks are becoming more expensive off the shelf.

It’s imperative to keep in mind, however, that most kayaks can also be used for fishing. Sit-on kayaks can also be used for fishing.

Fishing doesn’t require the most expensive kayak with all the bells and whistles.

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