What Sort of Clothing Should I Wear to go Kayaking

What Sort of Clothing Should I Wear to go Kayaking

Regarding kayaking, there are many different options for what to wear. A person’s decision to wear something depends on the temperature of the water, the weather, and the conditions. In making your decision, you should follow some general guidelines. What sort of clothing should I wear to go kayaking?

Clothing that offers protection against wet and cold conditions should be durable and flexible. Those who are a beginner at kayaking or unsure what to wear should read this guide.

Guidance about what sort of clothing should I wear to go kayaking? 

What Should I Wear In Warm Summer Conditions?

If the water and the air temperature will be warm while you’re paddling, you should choose clothing that fits comfortably and is lightweight.

Several things need to be considered…


Swimwear is bright for hot weather, especially if you’re on a sit-on-top since you can quickly jump off for a swim to cool down.

In addition to wearing long sleeves, lightweight shirts, or rash guards, you can also protect yourself from the sun. When you get wet, fabrics that wick moisture away from you are usually the most suitable choice.

Sun Protection

If you’re wearing swimwear or a bathing suit, be exceptionally liberal when applying sunscreen when you’re outdoors in the hot sun. Also, long sleeve t-shirts and cloud covers will only offer a bit of protection if you’re wearing them.

What Should I Wear In Cold Winter Conditions?

When paddling in colder weather, it is essential to take extra precautions. as you can suffer heart shock, breathing problems, and hypothermia if you fall in. Often, sea kayaking requires floating in cold weather.

Wet suits And Dry suits

Wear either a wet suit or a dry suit to protect yourself from the cold water and extreme winter weather. If you wade out or fall in, you will feel the cold water right away. This is because a wet suit allows a small amount of water to enter, creating an insulating layer between your skin and the wet suit, providing insulation from your body heat.

Under your bathing suit, rash guards or a bathing suit are recommended. However, some thicker wet suits have a fleece lining for additional warmth if you want to avoid wearing thinner layers.

As their name suggests, dry suits keep you completely dry and prevent water from entering. In icy conditions, such as icy water, a dry suit can help keep you warm. This is because it will protect you from the water’s cold temperature if you fall in. It is possible to wear a dry suit directly over a wet suit if necessary. These suits can be paired with waterproof socks or neoprene boots.

Waterproof Outerwear

Even on a warm day, you should wear a waterproof jacket when canoeing or kayaking. Wearing a fleece layer underneath in extreme cold conditions is always a good idea.

A waterproof pair of shoes is essential when going on outdoor adventures, especially if it’s raining or you’re on a sit-on-top. It is a wise idea to have rain boots or paddle shoes when it is wet.


Can kayaking be done in cold weather?

Any water below 60 F should be treated with caution, and you should always wear a wet suit when in cold water. The complex water gasp reflex and cold water shock may occur if the water is more excellent than 60 degrees Fahrenheit. A water temperature of 60 F or lower puts you at high risk of hypothermia.

In the middle of winter, is kayaking safe?

Depending on your winter, yes and no. For example, Texas winters can be 23-26 degrees Fahrenheit (during the coldest months), while northern British Columbia winters can drop as low as 10-16 degrees Fahrenheit (during the coldest months). Alaska and the Yukon have much harsher winters than Arizona and Florida.

Can you swim in cold water safely?

While the average surface sea temperature in the northern Pacific Ocean ranges between 45 and 61 F, while the North Atlantic Ocean is a few degrees warmer, 78 F is considered the “optimal” temperature for swimming.


What sort of clothing should I wear to go kayaking? Wear the proper kayaking clothing the next time you hit the water to stay comfortable. To paddle comfortably, wear lightweight, breathable clothing, and remember the conditions! Choosing the proper dress and doing thorough research doesn’t always require unique clothing.

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