Kayak Fishing Instructor Newsletter

If you have five minutes, you can become a better kayak angler! My goal is to educate as many kayak anglers as I can through my guiding business, this blog, and now the The Kayak Fishing Instructor Newsletter. Time is a valuable commodity and we all lead busy lives. Sometimes that leaves little time to pursue our kayak fishing passion. I designed the KFI Newsletter  to provide quick tips that run the gamete across a number of topics in kayak fishing. Total read time of each issue is approximately 5 minutes. Don’t let that fool you though! The KFI Newsletter provides quality content that will help make you a more knowledgeable and effective kayak angler!

KFI Newsletter sections:

  • “Quick Tip” – a timely fishing tip based on time of year or season
  • “Gear Junky” – a piece of gear that will help you become a more efficient kayak angler.
  • “The Paddling Angler” – a tip that will help increase your knowledge about the paddle sports in general
  • “Blast from the Past” – I’ll resurrect one of my old blog posts that is timely and needs dusted off