Is kayaking Good for Lower Back Pain?

Is kayaking Good for Lower Back Pain?

When kayaking, how long can you go before your back starts hurting? When you find yourself canoeing through a stunning aquatic environment, it’s simple to exceed your limits. The majority of kayakers do so for health and relaxation reasons. Therefore you don’t want to damage yourself to the point that you can no longer participate in your favorite outdoor sport. Is kayaking good for lower back pain?

The good news is that back ailment are not always a result of kayaking. You can strengthen and stretch your back if you learn how to paddle correctly. Nevertheless, you may occasionally hear kayakers lament their “yak back.” This phrase depicts the lower back stiffness and pain that might occur following a long day on the water. Most back problems experienced by kayakers are transient and get better with some self-care. If you want to feel great when the day is through, paying attention to how your body is positioned during the travel is crucial.

Can Kayaking Injure Your Back?

Your back is an intricate network of muscles, ligaments, and vertebrae that all react to your kayaking motions. Beginners who occasionally forget to paddle correctly are more likely to sustain minor back problems, such as pulled muscles.

Incorrectly attempting to recover from a capsize might also result in a back injury. This is why it’s crucial to learn how to handle rollovers properly. Additionally, advanced kayakers who push themselves too far or have an accident in choppy water risk getting hurt. Is kayaking good for lower back pain? Most back injuries are avoidable, and taking all reasonable precautions to keep your spinal column from overloading will go a long way toward keeping you comfortable.

Which Muscles Are Employed When Kayaking?

Is kayaking good for lower back pain? You’ll employ the majority of your back muscles at some time during each kayaking excursion. Your back muscles have an impact on your motions.

Mattias Dorsi

The Lats are located in your lower back, which is where many kayakers experience discomfort from sitting for extended periods in an L-shaped position. Is kayaking good for lower back pain? Each forward stroke of the paddles causes these muscles to contract; thus, keeping them strong helps to reduce stiffness after kayaking.


You can feel these muscles contracting when you draw your shoulder blades together at the end of a paddle stroke. They are located in your upper middle back and help your shoulders drop while you paddle.

lateral and medial trapezius

As you move your neck, spine, and shoulder blades, these muscles support you. When you lift your paddles or kayak, these weak muscles may cause pain.

Obliques and Abdominals

Your oblique muscles connect to your back and abdominal muscles as they go along the sides of your body. When you paddle, a strong core allows you to rotate your torso without overworking your back or spine.

Can I Kayak If I Have Back Pain?

It is usually advisable for anyone with back ailments to check with their doctor before going kayaking. Is kayaking good for lower back pain? If you put more pressure on your spine than it can withstand, severe back ailments like a herniated disc could worsen. If kayaking causes inflammation, compressed nerves in your back may also get irritated.

If your bad back results from minor injuries or general soreness, you can probably still go kayaking as long as you follow the necessary safety precautions. Plan your excursions for days with calm weather and try to choose smaller bodies of water. You can always call it quits if your back starts to suffer during your kayaking expedition.


Is kayaking good for lower back pain? It’s common to experience back aches after kayaking, especially if you pushed yourself to the limit. However, it would help if you never let your back pain prevent you from participating in an exciting adventure.

The bulk of back pain from kayaking is caused by bad posture and spending a lot of time on the seat without shifting your position. Maintaining proper posture and employing safe lifting techniques when in the paddler’s seat and in daily life will help you take care of your back. You may anticipate many years of kayaking if you take a little bit of care of your back now.

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