How To Store Inflatable Kayak?

how to store inflatable kayak

How nicely you cope with your inflatable can immediately affect how long it lasts. Wear and tear are every day, and they’re made to face up to a truthful quantity of use and abuse.

However, after over a break of paddling inflatable kayaks, I even have discovered there are matters you could do to lengthen the lifestyles and sturdiness of your purchase.

For one, proper care is essential. Many of those paddling get their kayak out of the water, virtually roll it up moist, and keep it away. That is a recipe for disaster.

How to Store Inflatable kayak (some Tips & Tricks)


Clean any sand or dust out of the valves. Clean the relaxation of the kayak with heated water and slight herbal cleaning soap each as soon as in a while.

Things like oil out of your pores and skin and sunscreen build up over the years as they switch from you to the kayak.


Always rinse the kayak off with clean water after use while sea kayaking.

Saltwater will corrode the fabric, and even though no longer rinsing it a few times isn’t that large of a deal, it can do actual harm over the years.

Close all the valves earlier than rinsing to ensure no water receives withinside the air tubes. The final component you need is mold or mold developing the interior of your kayak.

Rinsing will even assist clean any dust or particles of the fabric and save you harm from chemical compounds withinside the water.


Drying the kayak nicely now no longer simplest protects the fabric; however, it additionally removes the boom of mold and mold.

There’s nothing worse than being excited to take your kayak out for the primary time of the season. It’s most straightforward to discover it’s a touch greener than it became earlier!

Mold and mold will degrade the fabric making it more liable to leaks and punctures. Bring a vintage towel alongside and use that to dry the kayak nicely after use.


Heat will reason air strain to expand. So in case you are out withinside the warm solar for numerous hours, you may need to permit a touching air out of the kayak to permit for air expansion, which additionally allows shielding the seams.

The kayak tends to get warmer while it’s miles sitting out of the water, specifically on the pavement. It tends to live cooler simultaneously as clearly withinside the water, so be specifically cautious leaving your kayak docked someplace uncovered to the recent solar.


When you fold/roll your kayak, there are some matters to maintain in mind as much as keeping it away.

If you roll it in the precise identical manner whenever you may crease the exact place time and again, it potential weakening that place.

Try to fold it up loosely and in a barely exclusive style whenever.

I recognize this will be elaborate as a maximum of us seek to roll it up small sufficient to suit the garage bag.


Storing an inflatable kayak is less complicated than storing a little kayak. You don’t want several areas; however, you want a dry, incredible region to maintain it.

It’s pleasant now no longer to depart it inflated at the same time as storing away for a prolonged time.

Leaving it inflated can reason pressure at the seams and valves, specifically if the temperatures upward thrust and the air expands.


As long-lasting as today’s inflatable kayaks are, they’re now no longer proof against extra time damages. You can save a number of those lengthy-time period damages by understanding how to keep your inflatable kayaks. Proper care, washing, and rinsing it after use are essential to dispose of any chemical compounds or algae residue for your boat. It’s additionally commonly higher to keep your kayaks inflated. However, you could pick out to keep them deflated, so long as you do it with the proper cautions.

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