How To Stop Water Pooling On Boat Cover ?

How To Stop Water Pooling On Boat Cover

If you own a boat cover, you have probably heard about the risks of letting water accumulate on your cover, but you might not know how to avoid it. How to stop water pooling on boat cover? The causes of water pooling, the harm it may do, and the best techniques to stop it and prolong the life of your cover are all covered in this article.


 Most frequently, water pooling is caused by boat covers that don’t fit properly or aren’t supported properly, which leaves low points where water can accumulate. How to stop water pooling on boat cover? Water may pool instead of properly draining off the cover if there is any looseness in the tension of the cover, additional material that cannot be pulled tightly, or a lack of support.


Water pooling can seriously harm your boat cover and the boat itself, even though it might not seem like a significant significant hazard. The main issue is that the standing water creates a haven for mold and mildew. Exposure to mold and mildew can harm your health, harming and degrading your cover. Given these risks, it’s crucial to limit the formation of mold and mildew as much as possible. If you’ve already noticed growth from water pooling, properly clean your boat cover to get rid of any traces.

How to stop water pooling on boat cover? Second, the weight of the water (8 pounds per gallon, to be exact) may strain the cover’s canvas material, leading to rips and tears or even causing the cover to come off and spill the water into your boat. Every boat owner would want to avoid the time-consuming and expensive repairs resulting from either of these choices.

How can I stop water from pooling?

Protecting your boat cover from water gathering is crucial because it might result in severe damage. As you consider how to maintain your boat cover, one of the first things you should focus on is preventing water pooling. There are numerous ways to accomplish this.

Choose a cover that fits your boat properly.

The first and most crucial step to reducing areas where water can collect is to find a boat cover that fits snugly. Exact Fit covers from Westland are patterned to precisely provide different boat types and models from various manufacturers to ensure the best fit. 

How to stop water pooling on boat cover? Suppose we don’t have an Exact Fit cover for your make and model. In that case, we have Select Fit coverings sized in increments of 1 foot and made to fit your boat’s style instead (versus larger increments in competitive covers to reduce unnecessary material.)

Secure your boat cover firmly.

Water will undoubtedly collect if the material of your cover is left loose. Numerous techniques, such as tie-down straps, suction cups, and support poles, can eliminate slack. To guarantee a tight fit, Westland secures the cover using an indestructible rope rather than the elastic utilized by competitors, which can stretch and strain over time. We also provide tie-down straps and suction cups that can be used with any of our boat covers.

Use appropriate support.

You should ensure your boat is adequately reinforced at those locations under tension, regardless of whether the high points in your cover are caused by the boat’s components or by a boat cover support system. Westland covers contain sewn-in fuzzy reinforcement to safeguard your cover’s crucial wear points, unlike other covers that may need additional reinforcement. How to stop water pooling on boat cover?

Use a mechanism to support boat covers.

High points for covers are already present on boats with features like center consoles and pedestal seating in the center of the deck. However, if your ship lacks specific components or requires additional support, you should consider a boat cover support system. These systems require support poles positioned beneath the cover for a tented appearance and proper water drainage.

Get extra support with Hangtyte™.

The HangtyteTM suspension system is the greatest choice for boats with wakeboard towers or other overhead structures installed when it comes to getting rid of standing water. This support system, created by professional wakeboarder Cobe Mikacich, attaches to the cover and enables it to be pulled tight from the tower. The HangtyteTM can be set up or taken down quickly without ever having to crawl under the boat cover, in contrast to conventional pole systems. How to stop water pooling on boat cover?


One hundred fifty leading boat manufacturers have used Westland’s boat coverings for more than 45 years. You’re sure to find the perfect covers to safeguard your boat for years, with three superior fabrics and two installation options.

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