How to Keep Life Jackets From Riding Up ?

How to Keep Life Jackets From Riding Up

The summer is here, and when the weather rises, you’ll probably want to cool yourself in the pool. How to keep life jackets from riding up? Remember to wear a life jacket, life vest, or another personal flotation device when you begin to cool off in the water. Given the variety of colors, shapes, and sizes available, it can be challenging to decide which is best for you and your child.

Life jackets exist in various sizes, colors, styles, and materials. Any life jacket a boater selects must be appropriate for them, their intended activities, and the types of water they will likely encounter. Here are some recommendations for boaters choosing life jackets.

Try It On

  • For size and weight ratings, consult the manufacturer.
  • Make sure the life jacket is belted or securely zipped.
  • When wearing a life jacket, raise your arms to check for fit. Then, ask a friend to gently pull up on the top of the arm openings while you raise your arms.

A life jacket does not fit properly if there is extra space above the openings and it rides up over the boater’s chin or face. How to keep life jackets from riding up? A life jacket is properly fitted when it fits snugly in these places.

Fit Facts

  • Selecting a life jacket that fits properly is crucial.
  • An unsafe situation could result from life jackets that are overly large pushing up about a boater’s face.
  • A person may be unable to stay afloat if their life jacket is too tiny.

Important Reminders

  • Ensure that the life jacket is American. she is certified by the Coast Guard.
  • Verify again if the life jacket is suitable for water sports. Consult the label!
  • Invest some time in ensuring the proper fit. Different situational issues can arise from a life jacket that is too big or too little.
  • Verify that the life jacket is in good working order and is free of tears or holes. Make sure it functions properly by testing.

Never put a child in an adult life jacket. While boating, parents should ensure all kids are wearing child-sized life jackets that are appropriately fitted based on their weight. No life jacket should be purchased for a youngster to “grow into.”

Despite varying state laws, it is generally reasonable to presume that children under 13 must wear a U.S. life jacket when on a recreational boat. Unless they are below decks or in an enclosed cabin, wear a life jacket approved by the Coast Guard. How to keep life jackets from riding up? 

Did you know it is harmful to wear a life jacket that is too small or too large?

 How to keep life jackets from riding up? Uncomfortable life jackets are those that are too small! Make sure you get a life jacket that isn’t too tiny, pinches, or rubs because nobody likes to wear anything tight, constraining, or uncomfortable while it’s hot outside. Similarly, avoid selecting a life jacket that is too large. Life jackets too large can shift, ride up, or even slide off in the water.

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