How To Carry A Kayak On A Motorhome? 5 Easy Tips in 2023

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Summer time is the perfect time to go kayaking. However, carrying a kayak on a motorhome is somewhat confusing. We’re going to simplify things by looking at a few options available. We will share some tips on how to carry a kayak on a motorhome.

When you plan your next RV trip near a lake or river, water-related activities may be an essential factor in making your trip even more enjoyable. Kayakers prefer to take their kayaks rather than rent one. Renting a kayak is considered more expensive than owning one privately.

You have to consider whether you can safely transport your kayak in a motorhome. There are many ways to carry your kayak in a motorhome. Below are a few easy methods for carrying your kayak to the camping grounds.

How to Carry A Kayak on a Motorhome?

There are several options for kayaking in a motorhome. However, we will discuss 5 easy ways that will surely help you how to carry a kayak on a motorhome very easily.

1. Internal Storage

how to carry a kayak on a motorhome internal storage

Some travel trailers come with a full basement. Fifth-wheel trailers usually have this basement. Depending on the design of your travel trailer, there may or may not be a basement.

In a travel trailer with internal storage, there are usually enough standard-sized rooms in the rest of the rooms for you to slide your kayak into. It is the safest and easiest way to carry a kayak on a motorhome or travel trailer. There is a kayak locking system so your kayak will not move, reducing the possibility of damage.

2. Roof Mounts

how to carry a kayak on a motorhome roof mount

You can also carry kayaks on a travel trailer using roof mounts. They can be mounted on the tow vehicle’s roof or the RV’s roof. They are safe and great for transporting your kayak after properly loading it. Most roof mounts have ample room, so you can load more than one kayak at a time, which is great for family travel.

Although mounting your kayak on roof mounts may be safe, it also has disadvantages. If overpasses are nearby, it can cause problems. So, it is a must not surpass clearance limits. In addition to kayaks, you should consider this when transporting anything else on the roof of your recreational vehicle.

3. Kayak Trailers

how to carry a kayak on a motorhome kayak trailers

You should consider getting a kayak trailer if you enjoy kayaking often. Kayak trailers are a bit pricey, but they allow you to transport more than two kayaks.

Kayak trailers are convenient for loading and unloading your kayak from your camper. Those who are experienced kayakers will find kayak trailers helpful. Kayak trailers are available in a variety of models, so you should choose the right one for you.

You can carry any kayak on a kayak trailer as you travel to your campground.

In terms of kayak trailers, you can either buy a ready-made one from the market or get one that is custom-made to suit your kayak. With custom kayak trailers, you’ll get the right weight, capabilities, and size that fits your kayak.

4. Ladder Rack

how to carry a kayak on a motorhome ladder rack

You can also transport kayaks in a motorhome by investing in My Rack on Car Beds. These are inexpensive and easy to install. You can use straps to keep kayaks secure. If you use a bike lock, you can prevent them from falling.

Keep an eye on these locks since they don’t always work. Try to mount as high as possible. This prevents others from reaching the kayaks near your vehicle.

5. Ceiling Hoist

how to carry a kayak on a motorhome ceiling hoist

A ceiling hoist can also be used to carry a kayak on a motorhome to the location where you will camp. If your recreational vehicle has enough space to accommodate kayaks, you can also use a ceiling hoist to carry them. Once you arrive at your camping location, you can quickly stow your kayak under your recreational vehicle.

It’s beneficial for RVers who don’t want to add mounts to their camper’s exterior or don’t have a vehicle to tow. However, keep in mind that it is not an ideal solution as it requires solid mounting to work correctly.


Here are some FAQs related to how to carry a kayak on a motorhome:

Q: Can you put kayaks on top of a camper?

Ans: It won’t be easy to carry a large boat, but you can bring a couple of kayaks and a bike or two. It’s possible to mount a roof rack on top of your pop up camper, but you have to be careful not to overload it. Spread out the weight evenly as well.

Q: Can you put a roof rack on a travel trailer?

Ans: A roof rack for a travel trailer or 5th wheel can be a great way to add extra storage for traveling, but the process needs to be done carefully.

Q: Can you put a trolling motor on a kayak?

Ans: Kayak trolling motors are designed to be mounted on the bow, stern, or gunwales of the kayak. When you mount a motor on the gunwale of your kayak, it will be easier to access it while sitting comfortably in the boat.

Q: Is kayak fishing worth it?

Ans: Kayak fishing is worth it. It’s affordable, versatile, and gives you better access to fish. Fishing kayaks are also customizable, portable, and do not require launch ramps. The downsides of kayaking include the risk of injury from water creatures, harsh weather conditions, and backaches.


Here we have shared 5 easy tips on How to Carry a Kayak on a Motorhome. You can easily carry a kayak in a motorhome if you follow these. If you have an idea of your own, be sure to share it with us.

Happy kayaking!