How Much Should You Spend On Kayak? Guide In 2023

How Much Should You Spend On Kayak

Purchasing a kayak can be one of the major expanses you make in your life, depending on the cost. Which is why it is absolutely necessary to understand how much you would be expected for such purchase. But exactly how much should you spend on kayak?

Let’s find out, shall we?

The Budget Behind Buying A Kayak:

The biggest factor affecting the final price of the kayak is the purpose. In other words, why are you buying a kayak? Are you buying it for racing and sports? That means you need to get a kayak that is built for speed. It might not be the most stable one, or even have mention worthy storage, but it will do what it was intended to do. On the other hand, if you want to get one for fishing, you need to buy a kayak that is not only stable and easy to row, but has lots of storage and all the accessories for fishing.

Even if it does not come with such attachments like rod holders, navigation system etc., you would have to spend a couple of extra bucks to get the result. If you want it for recreation, but want to take your children or pet with you in waters, that would requires a different beast.

Why is all of this important? That would be because every type of kayak has its price range in addition to brand and material. The one with more accessories would cost more than any other. Recreational kayaks and sea kayaks also have a large price difference between them. So in the end, the total price depends on your purpose. But there is one more thing that will affect the overall costs: your skills. Are you a beginner? Or a pro? Because a beginner should not spend a lot on their first kayaks, compared to pros who can handle what the waters could throw at them.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Kayak?

On average, a kayak can cost you anywhere from $100 to $3000. As we have discussed earlier, the cost mainly depends on what you need. But that doesn’t means that is the only thing that affects to cost of a kayak.

What Factors Affect The Cost Of Kayak?

That would include following things.

  • Type of kayak.
  • Material used in construction of kayak
  • Additional accessories
  • Storage
  • Brand
  • 1 person kayak or multiple person kayak

How Much Should You Spend On Kayak?

Again, that depends on your purpose and skills. If we talk about your kayaking skills, then price ranges would be a bit different.

Beginners $100 – 1000
Intermediate $700 – 2000
Advanced $700 – 5000

But if you look at the types of kayaks you would get an entirely different price range.

  • Kids Kayak Cost: $80 – $499
  • Fishing Kayak Cost: $499 – $2000
  • Recreational Kayak Cost: $300 – $1100
  • Inflatable Kayak Cost: $80 – $1000
  • Tandem Kayak Cost: $499 – $2499
  • Foldable Kayak Cost: $1700 – $2600
  • Touring Kayak Cost: $999 – $1999
  • Whitewater Kayak Cost: $699 – $1399

If you want examples, here is a comparison table.

Types of Kayak Kayak Example Approximate Cost
Inflatable Kayaks Intex Challenger K2 $200
Sea Eagle SE330 $299
Sea Eagle 393RL $999
Whitewater Kayaks Pyranha Ripper $1,449
Jackson AntiX $1,399
Dagger Rewind $1259
Recreational Kayaks Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 (Rotomolded) $275
Eddyline Skylark (ABS) $1429
Current Designs Kestral 120 $899
Fishing Kayaks Vibe Shearwater 125 (Rotomolded) $1,399
Ocean Kayak Trident 15 (Rotomolded)
Pedal Kayaks Hobe Mirage Passport 12 $1,699
Ocean Kayak Malibu Pedal $1,899
Touring/Sea Kayaks Wilderness Systems Tsunami 175 $1,729
Current Designs Solstice GT $3,999
Special Design Oru Beach (folding) $1,199

So at the end, the answer to the question of how much you should spend on kayak depends upon you choice, your requirements, and your skills.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which type of kayak is best for beginners?

For beginners, the best type of kayak would be an inflatable. It comes with a lot of advantages; affordability, portability and many more. However, if you have passed the stage of choosing between sit-on-top or sit-in kayaks, you can also look at other types.

Is kayaking an expensive hobby?

It depends. On the whole kayaking is an inexpensive hobby. You can get cheap kayaks, starting from $100, and would only need paddles and safety gear as an additional purchase. There is no need to buy fuel or batteries, which is the problem with motor boats. If you already have the gear, it will become a lot more cheaper. But if you go for slightly expensive gear, and have nothing on your hands, it can become an expensive hobby to pick up. But even then, it still wouldn’t cost you in the long run.

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