How Do You Keep Bread Punch On The Hook?

How Do You Keep Bread Punch On The Hook?

Bread is a cheap, cheerful, and lethal bait, so, strangely, it’s overlooked in favor of maggots and casts when float fishing for chub and roach. How do you keep bread punch on the hook? Bread, or punched bread, sort out a better stamp of fish when the water gets cooler, from November to February. It sorts better fish and triggers bites instantly. On rivers, it’s hard to overfeed fish, so no worries there. Match fishermen use maggots over bread for everyday speed fishing to maximize bites to hook fish in the net.

How do you keep bread punch on the hook?

Let’s look at how I prepare bread for feeding and the hook before discussing bread fishing tackle. For feeding, I need cheap medium-sliced white supermarket bread, punch crumb or plain white ground bait as a binder, and well-cooked hempseed to add weight to get it down in deep water. How do you keep bread punch on the hook?

In pre-Brexit Britain, a medium-sliced white bread costs 36p at Morrisons or Aldi. I buy eight loaves (£2.88 total) and liquidize them, crusts. Before liquidizing the bread, I spread it over maggot puzzles and my wife Sally’s seedling-growing trays for three to five days. This makes the bread dry or stale, creating a better-liquidized bread mix.

If you liquidize it the day you buy it, you get a doughy feed, and I want it to break apart in water. A chub could swallow a golf-ball-sized ball of liquidized bread by itself. I don’t want that to happen since it can fill up one fish and keep others from entering. I want bread fragments, some bigger than others, to go through the peg, attracting fish and encouraging them to search for the enormous lump – the perforated piece with my hook inside. After three to five days of air drying or getting stale, I liquidize it and transfer it to huge sandwich bags.

I package it in melon-sized quantities for use the next day or storage in the freezer. I usually bring two or three bags for a day of sport and plan to utilize most, if not all, of it.

Bread for the hook and how to prepare it

The day before a session, I buy a Toastie loaf from Aldi (50p) and make it after tea. Twelve slices are enough for a full day on the river (the crusts are frozen and liquidized for extra ground bait). How do you keep bread punch on the hook?

Paul Kozyra, a fellow Cadence ambassador, taught me how to store hook slices. I buy sandwich bags that can hold six crustless toasties. You arrange bread slices side by side (see photo) and eliminate air before sealing. Roll the bag, remove air through the closure, and store it in your bait fridge overnight.

Getting the mix right

Getting the bread mix correct is vital, but it’s hard to go wrong. How do you keep bread punch on the hook? Put six pints of liquidized bread (2 x 3pt Drennan bait tubs) in a bucket or mixing dish. Add a half-pint of breadcrumbs or punch crumbs. MPW punch crumb comes in Spiced Punch or Superfine Sweet Punch Crumb.

Talking about tackle

Before you start capturing nets of roach, you need to arm yourself with the necessary gear. Rods first. The longer the rod, the better for float control. Cadence CR10 16ft #1 Match rod amazed me this winter. I adore the various playing action. The middle piece has enough grunt to knock out a bolo or Avon, while the top has enough cushion to handle chub over 5lbs and roach over 2lbs. Its great movement makes playing with smaller fish easy, and you rarely lose one.

Floats and shotting

How do you keep bread punch on the hook? Float or bread fishing? Yes, you can catch with bread on the waggler, but dance in your peg makes hooking bites with a bottom-end-only float challenging. I prefer a top and bottom float approach with bread because the strike is positive, control is better because you create a straight line between float tip and rod tip, with no bow in the line, and by using an Olivette rather than a bulk of shot, the float sails out effortlessly to the landing area and you can feather the hook down by applying gentle pressure on the reel spool.

Hooklength material and hooks

Hooklength depends on the target species. If I’m on a chub peg – and in the Ribble, in winter, you often catch 3-5lb fish – I always use.12mm diameter, which is a 2-3lb breaking strain. If I’m fishing roach and dace, I use. a 10mm line with a 1.5- to 2-lb breaking strain. If the water is clear and I expect unusual bites, I use a.08 hook length. I use Match Team, Drennan Supplex, and some ancient Omni. How do you keep bread punch on the hook?

Hooks and bread punches

Four hook patterns or makes remain. The Drennan Carbon Match in a 16 or 14 is my go-to roach hook. I like the wire gauge. If chub are the target and may find a snag, I use a Kamasan B560 in a 16 or 14. This wire pattern is thicker; therefore, more significant security is needed. Both have broad gaps, allowing me to punch the bread twice.

Conclusion: Go to it!

My take on fishing with liquidized bread and bread punch. It’s not hard to master with practice, as evidenced in the catch photos alongside the blog. How do you keep bread punch on the hook? Good hook bait and ground bait preparation, rods, line, hooks, shooting, and presentation are keys to success. Once these puzzle parts fit, you’ll start bagging. Good luck, and leave me some crumpets!

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