Cold fronts and personal bests

On the second day of the father and son Guided Kayak Fishing trip the weather got colder but the catching heated up. Check out day one at this link.The Susquehanna River can get a little difficult to fish during fall cold fronts. Undaunted, lots of paddling and a ton of casts helped the team put some really nice fish in the kayak. The average smallmouth on day two probably weighed in around 3.5 pounds. Dads biggest of the day was a FAT 18.5″ smallmouth bass that was a complete SLOB smallie! His 19″ from yesterday was his biggest of the trip and represented his personal best. Not to be outdone, the son bested his own 19″ fish from yesterday cranking in a 19.25″ smallmouth which also became his personal best.

I had put them through my kayak fishing class yesterday so the goal today was to implement what we learned and put fish in the kayak! The tactic for day two was vary simple. Fish big swimbiats fast and close to the surface to locate a biter. Fall smallmouth roam in small packs so once a catch was made, we sat on the spot to see if we could pick up a few more fish. This tactic worked very well. Most of the time we would pick up a couple additional smallmouth.

Here is just a sample of the fish we landed on day two.

Father and son October double! I think the student has become the teacher. Dad may have given him too many of his fishing secrets!


Dads big smallmouth of the day. A FAT 18.5″ fish that pulled like a freight train. That thing was an absolute horse of a fish!


This is son, Pat, with his personal best smallmouth at 19.25″. He caught this on a nice spot that had some scattered Eel Grass. Spots with Eel Grass were the best but few and far between on the section of The Susquehanna River we where fishing.


I always like taking pictures of the action. This is one of Pat putting one away in the net. Talk about some intense moments and last second heroics by that diesel truck of a smallmouth. He got the net on it though!