Can You Put The Motor On A Kayak? Complete Guide In 2023

Can you put a motor on a kayak

Kayaking is a fun and excellent activity that can help you stay fit. But many people wonder if there is an alternative way to push a kayak, especially if their hands and shoulders start to ache and they feel tired from rowing. Can you put the motor on a kayak?

It is possible to put the motor in the kayak. Small low HP (horsepower) trolling motors are needed because powerful motors make kayaking challenging to handle and very heavy. Electric trolling motors work best on kayaks because they are lightweight and do not require fuel storage on board. However, it does not make sense for kayak owners to put a small motor in their boat. How to put a motor on a kayak-step by step process

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Kayaking is an enjoyable activity. Kayakers have many alternatives for doing kayaking calmly. One of them is setting a motor on a kayak. It has some steps to putting a motor on a kayak. It’s a complete process to put a motor on a kayak explain as below:


Start the exercise by connecting the propeller to the motor. How you do this depends on the type of motor.
You should read the operating instructions to familiarize yourself with the specifications of your motor and how to handle and install it.


The next step is to mount the motor on the kayak. Like the propeller modification above, this is a step that is very different for kayaks. However, you must purchase a stand for many models and use it. A frame of this type usually has four boreholes in the back.
You in these four wells and tie the fitting. check the accuracy of the assembly
Then place the stand with the motor in the place provided. Tie tightly again so that the whole structure is less sensitive to vibration.


To connect the propeller to the motor, it is necessary to activate the control. To do this, you must drill two holes, each measuring a quarter of an inch. This should happen in the back of the ship and using a dull tool for work.
Place the holes about one and a half inches from the sink visible on the back of the kayak. Insert a plastic tube into these holes. The tube size should depend on the size of the kayak itself. This is the correct closing of the gaps to prevent any possibility of slipping or falling.


Now plug the wires into the ‘Minn Kota Plug.’ To do this, remove the motor head to expose the wires.
Then continue and cut the red and yellow wires of the terminal. Tape both to prevent short circuits. Add more than necessary. You may need to drill a hole in the back of the ship to do this. This opening should be located about 3 inches from the storage compartment cover located on the back of the kayak.
Of course, the hole must be large enough for the “Minn Kota Plug.”
Finish by adding a container to make sure the structure is not waterproof. Finish by connecting the white and black wires and then insulating both with a pipe.


After successfully laying the ‘Minn Kota Plug’ wires, connecting the steering cable to the paddles was time. To start the exercise, remove the mixing system. Do not remove the track attached to the kayak.
Insert a set of new blades into the system and drill holes in each edge. The holes should be one at the top and one at the front of the paddle. Pass the threads through the first hole and insert the pin into the second hole. Then connect a few lines to the locking pins.


Connect the circuit directly to the battery by pressing the internal button, and it is still not enough on its own. This arrangement allows you always to move the kayak in one direction. To move the kayak in any direction, you must install a reverse polarity switch.


It’s almost okay to go fishing. But before you leave, you must test the system immediately. Turn on engine power to see how it moves or s to various stimuli. Tear it well enough to measure if it is tight enough.
Then you also need to make sure that the weight is evenly distributed. Ensure the kayak firmly level the water level to allow for a fast and good ride at different speeds and pressure distances. Always place a tool on the ship to check from time to time.

Can you put the motor on a kayak: Summary

Can you put the motor on a kayak? Yes, we can arrange a motor on a kayak. It makes it easy to learn to put a motor on a kayak, is less complicated, and is the best way to guarantee hands-free fishing or more accessible kayak trips for those who want to get further. Now that you know how to put a motor in your kayak, you can stay outside and fish in many places.
Or you can explore other parts of nearby lakes, rivers, or protected coastal watercourses.

FAQs Related To Can you put the motor on a kayak

Q: Is it worth putting a trolling motor in a kayak?

Ans: Adding a trolling motor to a kayak can make it easier and more fun. It can also give you the ability to carry gear that you might not otherwise be able to take with you. Fortunately, adding an engine isn’t very difficult or expensive.

Q: Can you put an outboard motor in a kayak?

Ans: Electric outboards and trolling motors allow an angler to install a motor in almost any kayak.

Q: How long does a trolling motor battery last in a kayak?

Ans: Buying a kayak trolling motor battery is an investment, and you want to get a lot of time for your money. Consider the average battery life before making your final purchase. A battery can last from a year to 15 years or more, depending on the type used.

Q: Can you go faster if you have two trolling motors?

Ans: In the back, two motors will just push the bow up higher, and the stern will dig in deeper, slowing you down. With a trolling motor, the boat will be faster if it’s level in the water.