Can Amorall Be Used On An Inflatable Kayak?

can amorall be used on an inflatable kayak

Can amorall be used on an inflatable kayak? There is little care associated with kayaks that can fly high. Besides cleaning it, using a hot boat cleaner regularly, you must make sure it is UV safe.

Like us, sailing ships and submarines require UV protection. The UV rays will eventually damage the object and make it weak. There is a simple solution to this problem: to use amorall. If you have an inflatable kayak or a flying boat, you must have an amorall boat. This will provide the best protection for kayaks, ships, crafts, and any raft that can be towed.

The bottle is only about $ 15 but will last a long time. I’ve had the same bottle for two years now, and I have so much. Of course, I probably do not use it when I need to, but it lasts a long time.

Care of inflatable:

  • Cleaning

Amorall and other oil-based products can damage rubber or fabric over time and prevent patches from attacking. The soap of the soft dish is better to clean your inflatable boat. There are also different detergents specifically designed for inflatable boats.

  • Storage

Since the not-inflated boats are more vulnerable to damage, many producers recommend storing the boat partially inflated and covered by a canvas. If this is not possible, completely disfigure the ship and make sure it is dry and clean before rolling and storing it on the transport bag. If you plan to keep your dinghy on a trailer, make sure there are no kinks or kinks in the boat.

  • Repair

Sometimes, even with the best care and safety precautions, your dinghy can get a puncture or leak. Unless you have a severe and apparent accident, it can be challenging to pinpoint the leak’s location. Clean it with soapy water while the boat is inflated, and watch for bubbles to form on the boat’s surface due to escaping air. Don’t assume there is only one loss. Check the entire boat with soapy water to be sure before you go out on the water.

  • Amorall qualities:

UV protection is perfect for all flexible materials, including Hypalon, PVC, and Nylon.

  • Restores color, glow and glow without fat. Easy to use – spray and wipe.
  • Remove dust, dirt, and stains from the treatment area and keep it clean for a long time.
  • No silicone oil, waxes, glycerine, or distilled oil.
  • In addition to preparing for heavy kayaks, it can also be used with vinyl, leather, fiberglass, plastic windows, and chrome.

It also promotes resistance to chemicals and other harmful types of exposure. Non-toxic and non-toxic

Appropriate use

Amorall Spray promises to work when used properly as directed. So below, you will see how to use this UV mask.

Use an amorall spray on this floating boat while your boat is dry – spray it really as it boats and not just water.

Then clean the boat thoroughly with a clean towel. Use a cool, dry, clean towel to close the bag to remove any debris.

When your boat or boat is finished, it will look great and look new. It is recommended to spray your amorall boat every 30-45 days. I do not always spray it, but it is advised for maximum safety.


Can amorall be used on an inflatable kayak? We can use it because it protects our kayak and provides high resistance in damage conditions.


Q: Can I use amorall on my kayak?

Ans: We recommend vinyl safety products such as Armor All®, Product 303, or Warranty for decoration. These materials can be safely used on polyethylene, Superlinear, Royalex®, and fiberglass boats or boats.

Q: How do you clean an inflatable kayak?

Ans: Of course, washing with a simple soap is the best idea – you can get a special soap; I use dish soap. Just a little bit. Then clean it, removing all the soap and any grit, dust, or paper. Get into the hole, especially if you are using it with saltwater.

Q: Can I keep my inflatable kayak inflated?

Ans: Keep your kayak inflated for short periods: Keeping your kayak inflated for long periods can damage the valves and place extra strain on your kayak’s skin. A sudden drop in temperature can also cause the air in your kayak to expand, potentially rupturing one of its internal septa.

Q: How long do inflatable kayaks last?

Ans: With proper care and maintenance, inflatable kayaks typically last between five and ten years.

Q: Can inflatable kayaks be repaired?

Ans: There is a repair kit included with these kayaks. Among the repair kit’s contents are a temporary patch, a quick-fix, and some plastic patches that require special glue.