Burn baby burn!

Today was the fist of two days teaching and guiding a father and son team from Maryland (read about day two). We started the day fishing top water but it was pretty evident that the fish wanted something in the middle of the water column moving FAST! We strained water around major ledge systems sometimes picking up one or two smallmouth at a time. When we stumbled on a “pod” of smallies we sat on them for a while picking up a multiple fish on those spots.

Early in the day burning big swimbaits just under the surface was the the ticket! The swimbait of choice today was the River Darter Swimbait. The kayak fishing duo was able to pick up some really nice smallmouth with the average size around 17″. That meant a work out with the net!

We burned 1/4 oz. spinnerbaits near the top of the water column for some really nice catches later in the day. Dad said he had never caught a spinnerbait smallmouth bass. Well today changed all that. He nabbed quite a few smallies on the blade today! I think he’s a believer now!


These two had never fished the Susquehanna but they got off to a nice start for sure. Picking up their first fish. In addition, each was able to get a nice 19″ smallmouth. Not to bad for a first outing on the big river! This is the father with his big fish. I took it from quite a distance so the picture does not do the fish justice. I need to get better at this photography thing!

A 19″ fish is tough to get a net on sometimes! In particular when your Ride 115X is in the way. With some handy rod work, my guide student was able to put a net on this fish. There were a couple moments of uncertainty  but he got the fish in the net. Yes!


This is the result of great net handling  over top of the kayak. I have an entire series of photos for this one. It was definitely an epic battle that ended in some well deserved celebration.