Best String Lights for Camping in 2023

Best String Lights for Camping

Creating a temporary home away from home in nature is one of the most exciting parts of camping. While camping, you can easily find a peaceful site with beautiful views, but what happens when the sun sets? Here we are discussing some best string lights for camping

The fire is a pleasant way to occupy yourself at night. However, if you’re camping somewhere with a fire ban or want to add a bit of personality to your campsite, consider string lights! While camping, I always use string lights. If I’m out for an evening walk, I can string them around a nearby tree to quickly find my site or use them to see better while cooking dinner. 

Buying Guide – Get the best string lights for camping

Therefore, as you can see, there are many features to consider when choosing best string lights for camping. Your lights should be used in a way you decide.Are you looking for more visibility at your campsite? Would you like something decorative to create a certain ambiance?Do you prefer one or the other?In this article, all of the lights fall into one of those categories. Here are a few features you will learn more about. 


Throughout this article, the word “lumens” has been used. Lumens are used to measure brightness. You can choose lights that are either highly bright or slightly less intense. 

As a reference, I use headlamps with 300-350 lumens. A lot of light is focused in one direction, so it’s rather intense. As a result, I can see all the details on the trail in front of me, prepare dinner easily, or read without straining my eyes. Directly looking at the light, however, could cause eye damage. When spread out in different directions, this amount of light creates a much less intense effect. In general, string lights do not focus in one direction, providing less light over a larger area.


It’s pretty straightforward to use. The length of best string lights for camping you choose will depend on factors such as the size of the area you wish to illuminate and the level of intricate decoration you wish to achieve.Tents and picnic tables benefit from shorter lengths, while trailers and trees benefit from longer lengths.

Power Source

When choosing best string lights for camping, this is an essential factor to keep in mind. This route requires you to have or be able to acquire the appropriate device before your camping trip since some lights require other devices to be powered.Each type of power source has its pros and cons, so read on to find out which one is right for you!


Most string lights require AA or AAA batteries, readily available at drug stores, gas stations, and hardware stores. It is essential to bring extra batteries when using batteries since they do run out. Without an extra set, you won’t have any lights! 

USB Port

Powering USB ports requires an additional device. You can charge your phone with a generator or standard battery pack. Your trip won’t be successful if you don’t have enough fuel or electricity! 

Solar Powered

Solar power is incredible! There are no batteries or additional power devices to worry about, and it’s good for the environment.If you’re planning a trip, make sure to check the weather! It may be better to use a different power source if it’s going to be cloudy during the day.Solar-powered string lights like the MPOWERD Luci String Lights also have a USB port for cloudy days. 

Corded Electric

A wall plug is all you need for this power source. Batteries won’t run out with these; they are usually very bright.Although they are easier to use at a campsite than in a hotel, they are harder to use while camping due to the lack of outlets. Alternatively, you can use a gasoline generator to power them. 


As with a tent, your string lights must withstand the weather conditions you’ll encounter while camping.You can determine this by looking at the IP rating. Weatherproof ratings usually contain two numbers. On a scale of 0-6, the first number indicates how well the object resists solid particles like dust or dirt. 

Water and rain resistance are rated on a scale from 0 to 9 in the second. X indicates that no rating is available for that condition if either number is absent. Lighting with an IP44 rating or higher is usually what I choose. They can therefore function in moderate weather conditions.

Comparison Table:

Power Practical Luminoodle Light Rope

Power Practical Luminoodle Light Rope

The main benefit of the Luminoodle is its practicality. Regarding camping lights, the designers seem to have thought of everything.Utility loops and magnets make hanging the lights on trees, cars, and picnic tables easy. If you stuff the lights into the nylon bag, they can even be used as lanterns. Compared to my headlamp, the 10-foot option emits 360 total lumens. They are great for decorating your campsite as well as for emergency use.If your flashlight breaks, you need to look under the hood of your car, or you want to be visible to cars while walking at night, the Luminoodle comes in handy.


  • Battery pack option available
  • Magnets embedded in the design
  • Hanging loops for utility
  • The bag is made of rip-stop nylon
  • A lightweight design 


  • The brightness cannot be adjusted 
  • Rather than a warm white, this is a cool white

ZOUTOG Battery Operated String Lights

ZOUTOG Battery Operated String Lights

A string light can add personality to your campsite, but these globe-shaped lights have all sorts of features to excite you.In addition to being waterproof and battery-powered, these camping string lights are also remote-controlled! You can use them to light your way to your tent, then turn them off when you get there.

You won’t have to climb up to turn them on and off if you hang them high in a tree. There are eight different lighting modes on these lights, which I love. You can’t go wrong with ZOUTOG lights, whether you want to set the mood or brighten up your site.


  • Controlled by remote 
  • Eight different modes of lighting
  • Easy to untangle
  • Suitable for water 
  • Multiple colors available
  • Optional timer 
  • Wires that are heat-insulated


  • String lights cannot be extended or connected to other string lights
  • Only water-resistant battery box 
  • For detailed tasks, such as reading, it is not bright enough

Biolite SiteLight XL Overhead String Lights

Biolite SiteLight XL Overhead String Lights

Providing 300 lumens of light, the Biolite SiteLight is a foldable fabric lantern. In addition to hanging one SiteLight in your tent, you can connect up to eight of them to string around your campsite.You can use this to decorate, create mood lighting, or increase visibility around your campsite.

Connect this light to other Biolite lights for even more options for illuminating your campsite. It’s highly portable to use the SiteLight XL! Lightweight and compact, it folds up easily.Biolite SiteLight XL features more options than your average string light, so you can easily find a way to make it work.


  • Multiple sets can be connected 
  • Bright
  • The device is portable and compact
  • Connects with other Biolite products
  • A cord stabilizer is included to make hanging easier


  • Lights must be purchased separately 
  • Washing the fabric is not possible

MPOWERD Luci String Lights

MPOWERD Luci String Lights

Due to their versatility, Luci string lights are one of the best options. They’re great because they can be powered in two ways- both camping-friendly!Solar electronics make camping so much easier since you don’t have to worry about running out of batteries.

No worries if it’s cloudy where you’re camping! By charging these lights via USB, that problem is solved. You can charge them before you leave (a full charge takes about four hours by USB and 16 hours by solar and gives you 20 hours of light) or take a battery pack with you. Over 20 LED bulbs, these lights emit about 100 lumens, giving you nice, soft light without straining your eyes.


  • Multiple modes are available
  • A two-inch collapsed size 
  • Indicator of battery life
  • Multicolor and white options are available
  • There are three brightness settings


  • The solar panel is bulky
  • The charger cannot be detached from the lights

Brightech Ambience Pro USB Powered LED Fairy Light

Brightech Ambience Pro USB Powered LED Fairy Light

Sometimes the simplest version is the best. As quality string lights without too many frills, these Brightech lights fit the bill. These lights are incredibly bright for a USB port light set. If you play cards or cook dinner, you can see clearly. The bulbs each contain 100 lumens, and each strand contains 10 bulbs.The average headlamp emits less than half a thousand lumens. 


  • Plastic bulbs that are shatterproof
  • The light is very bright
  • It is waterproof 
  • Soft light and warm light options are available 


  • Brightness cannot be adjusted

Coleman LED String Lights

Coleman LED String Lights

These lights add a fun twist to the iconic Coleman lantern, which says camping like nothing else. You get 10 mini lanterns with Coleman LED lights. These string lights are a testament to Coleman’s reputation for high-quality, affordable outdoor gear. Despite being on a reasonably short string, they allow you to see around your campsite easily.Additionally, they withstand all types of weather, including rainstorms. 


  • Easily transportable
  • It is waterproof
  • It is bright enough to be used for activities such as playing cards 
  • Intuitive
  • A 20-hour battery life 


  • This is not a very warm-colored light
  • The length is short


Is it possible to leave string lights on all night?

Although technically you can do this, I do not recommend it for several reasons. Camping has limited resources, and you don’t want to exhaust your batteries or generator fuel.

Having lights on can also interfere with nearby campers enjoying a dark, starry night. Furthermore, lights tend to attract bugs and critters to your campsite!Battery-powered LED lights are the safest option if you plan to leave your lights on all night.

Is it possible for string lights to cause a fire?

String lights can cause a fire, although it is doubtful. Ensure you buy quality string lights to prevent fire hazards from poorly wired electrical devices!  String lights can also cause a fire if they generate a lot of heat near flammable items, such as dry trees. Most string lights use battery-powered LED lights that don’t produce as much heat and are less likely to cause a fire.

You should also turn off the lights before sleeping or for a few minutes if they get too hot. 

How long do string lights last during camping? 

It depends on the lights and their power source. String lights powered by a generator or battery pack will last as long as the fuel drains. Batteries-powered lights have a fixed lifespan. It is also essential to consider the brightness of the lights and the number of bulbs in the string when determining how long they will last. The lighter your string emits, the more battery power it will consume and the shorter its lifespan.

In my experience, I have been able to use a variety of camping string lights during multiple camping trips before having to replace the batteries. 


String lights are relatively easy to purchase compared with other camping gear. Your camping trip won’t be ruined by choosing the wrong set, but choosing the right one can make all the difference.  Therefore, I recommend the Power Practical Luminoodle Light Rope. Furthermore, it doubles as a lantern and a high-quality string light! The ZOUTOG Battery Operated String Lights are a great option if you want to keep costs low. 

It’s hard to go wrong with camping string lights, so browse for one that suits your taste. Creativity is in order!  We hope you will find this article on the best string lights for camping helpful. I would be glad to answer any questions you may have. Please leave a comment below. Enjoy your camping trip!

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