Best Side Imaging Fish Finders in 2023

Best Side Imaging Fish Finders

We are discussing Best Side Imaging Fish Finders .Going home empty-handed after a fishing trip is a little discouraging, and it’s even worse when you catch a glimpse of the fish as it swims by. What if your boat has the best side imaging fish finders? Can you possibly bring home a catch? With devices with a 180-degree field of view, almost anything and everything is visible. Let’s share five fish-finding brands with side imaging features to save you time searching for the best.

Buyer’s Guide For Best side imaging fish finders

Buyer’s Guide The following are some things to consider before purchasing to ensure you get a device that meets your needs.


Your sonar scanner’s power is dependent on the frequency range. In shallower water, you need higher rates and lower frequency.


Since this affects how the images are formed, look for a device with higher power ratings or a larger wattage.

Display Resolution

To observe precise details of what is beneath, use a fish finder with a best side imaging fish finders option that has an outstanding screen resolution.

5 Best Side Imaging Fish Finders:

Comparison Table:

Humminbird 410950-1 Helix 7 G3

Humminbird 410950-1 Helix 7 G3

Mega Imaging brings fish discovery into the megahertz range, following Humminbird’s lead. Since you can see its direction of travel, separating fish from other aquatic creatures allows you to target specific types. On each side of the boat, it provides an incredible underwater view that extends up to 125 feet.

Magnified images will be up to three times clearer than conventional side imaging technology. The Dual Spectrum CHIRP provides two ways to find your target, as the name suggests. If you require complete coverage of what is below the boat, utilize the wide mode.

If you’d want to find all the information, pick the narrow mode option. Humminbird’s patented Low Q CHIRP transducer is used in this Dual Spectrum CHIRP function. With the aid of this technology, you can see fish arches and the bottom and fish-holding structures.


  • True information
  • Instantaneous mapping
  • lucid pictures
  • fantastic side imaging
  • Cost-effective


  • the learning curve is necessary
  • For trolling motor only

Garmin Striker 7SV

Garmin Striker 7SV

It is one of the Best Side Imaging Fish Finders .The seven-inch screen of the Garmin Striker 7SV boasts an 800H x 480V pixel matrix, producing vibrant WVGA colors. Thanks to its split-screen capabilities, you may utilize the advantages of the four sonar technologies while seeing photos side by side.

The Striker 7SV’s giant screen can be used for zooming and GPS tracking. Along with the depth and temperature of the water, it will also display the boat’s speed. The device’s Bottom Lock technology lets you view the image rising from the Bottom.

You can use the Fish ID technology to link a fish icon to a particular sonar signal for easier identification. This 24-ounce medium-sized fish finder has a great build and is comprised of high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting sturdiness.

Additionally, it boasts the second-highest waterproof grade of IPX7, meaning it can resist submerged water for 30 minutes up to a meter deep. The Striker 7SV’s built-in GPS allows you to keep track of the coordinates of your fishing location.

It’s ideal for simple navigation and marking significant areas because you may go back and forth anytime. The Striker 7SV also has a built-in flasher feature for those who enjoy ice fishing. A circular flasher is reading displays on the screen when it is triggered.


  • pleasant user interface
  • Budget-friendly
  • Stunning resolution
  • precise readings
  • Installs quickly


  • No battery is included.
  • MicroSD card slot absent

Lowrance Elite-9 Ti2

Lowrance Elite-9 Ti2

The Elite-9 Ti2’s screen, which is brilliant and colorful thanks to SolarMAX technology, is one of its most prominent characteristics. Like well-known brands, it boasts an 800 × 480-pixel matrix for producing sharp, clear images. With 1,200 particles on the display screen, you can view any image, whether it is day or night. The white LED lighting helps make every color displayed on the screen bright and vivid.

This fish finder’s control buttons are on its right side. Additionally, it has touchscreen functionality. The Lowrance Elite-9 Ti2 is the first member of the Elite series to provide wireless communication; thus, it may be used without cords. Together with the C-MAP Genesis maps, software updates can be downloaded via internal Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

You can also receive fish detection alerts by integrating the device with your smartphone. Lowrance used CHIRP with other scanning techniques like DownScan and SideScan to create Active Imaging.


  • capable of networking
  • SD card holder
  • Instantaneous mapping
  • Split-screen capabilities
  • Use of concurrent technologies 


  • a single touch screen display
  • lone SD card slot

Lowrance HOOK Reveal 7 TripleShot

Lowrance Hook Reveal

We’ll examine the model that includes the FishReveal feature, the C-MAP US Inland Basemap, and the TripleShot transducer. The Lowrance HOOK uses three sonar types Reveal 7 TripleShot: down scan, side scan, and conventional CHIRP.

To create stunning visuals, these differing technologies require the backing of various frequencies. The three sonar types operate well with the plastic TripleShot transducer. It includes a 20-foot cable, an integrated temperature sensor, an 8-pin connector, and a transom mount.

For the conventional CHIRP, the transducer employs a single conical beam that operates at 200 kHz and covers a 44-degree field of view. Typically, a high-wide beam’s CHIRP range has a maximum depth of up to 500 feet (153 meters).

Second, two oval beams are used by the transducer for DownScan Imaging. It has a 55/2.5 degrees coverage and a depth capacity of 300 feet when operating at 455 kHz. The DownScan has a depth capability of 150 feet and a beam coverage of 35/15 degrees when operating at 800 kHz.


  • a user-friendly interface
  • swift and precise GPS
  • superior compatibility with charts
  • programmable backlight
  • Installs quickly


  • not compatible with a touchscreen
  • Lacking networking ability

Humminbird Helix 7 G3N

Humminbird, Helix 7, CHIRP MSI GPS G3N

This is one of the Best Side Imaging Fish Finders .As its name suggests, the Helix 7 G3N boasts a seven-inch screen with an 800 x 480-pixel resolution and 256-color capability. Additionally, it has an LED backlight, which enhances the clarity and readability of the screen even in direct sunshine. Thanks to the new Mega Side Imaging capability, you can now obtain 100 feet of side coverage with detailed and potent photos.

Mega Down Imaging, another new feature for the Helix 7 G3N, provides improved fish separation and sharper structure photos. Better fish arches, improved target separation, and a spectacular 2D sonar experience are all provided by the Dual Spectrum CHIRP Sonar, which has a wide resonant frequency.

The SwitchFire Sonar settings adjust how the sonar appears on the screen and enhance sonar responses. Using the built-in Bluetooth, you can pair the Humminbird Helix 7 G3N fish finder with your smartphone. As a result, you can use an RC2 remote control to operate the device, receive text message pop-ups, or wirelessly update the machine using the FishSmart app. The ethernet connector on the Helix 7 G3N enables you to share sonar and waypoints with other compatible devices.


  • Impressive graphics
  • Simple to install
  • Affordable
  • Feature-packed
  • Bluetooth connections


  • requires additional cable costs.
  • requires a learning curve


  1. Are Fish Visible in Side Imaging?

The fish are typically displayed on fish finders with side imaging as white lines or streaks.

  1. Is Side Imaging a Good Investment?

Even while it takes time and effort to interpret the results correctly, most fishermen would agree that the side imaging capability on their fish finder is priceless.

  1. Will a Side Imaging Fish Finder Work for Me?

Fish finders weren’t available to our forefathers back then. Getting one of these tools is ideal if you want to learn and comprehend underwater things.


Anglers claim that best side imaging fish finders on the top fish finder is a game-changer. Along with many other experiences, you’ll also learn about an entirely new undersea world.

We have five fish finders to choose from, and we offer the Lowrance Elite-9 Ti2 due to its simultaneous and diverse uses.Real-time mapping technology and its networking capabilities are equally noteworthy. Despite its higher price, the Simrad GO9 is another excellent fish finder we suggest because it features down Imaging, CHIRP, and side imaging in addition to side imaging.

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