6 Best Outboard Motor for Canoe in 2023

Best Outboard Motor for Canoe

Your arms might get very tired while trolling in a kayak or canoe. If you’ve ever paddled for an extended period, you probably already know how exhausting it is. Undoubtedly, paddling is a fantastic workout. However, moving your fishing equipment or navigating upstream the entire time you are out on the lake will be pretty challenging.

No matter how athletic or determined you are, a best outboard motor for canoe can save your life. It will enable you to travel further, rest your arms, and—most importantly—catch more fish.

What to Look for in a Canoe or Kayak Outboard Motor

A trolling motor is a motor created for a specific fishing approach. Using this method, a boat will move at a precise speed based on the fish’s preferences while you draw your line through the water.

These engines have exceptional controls that let you alter the direction and speed of your boat. They are pretty effective and can operate continuously. A lot of them are also made to be safe and light. Here are a few crucial characteristics for your upcoming shopping excursion.


For your motor, you can purchase three main types of controls. A motor that is operated by hand is the first kind. It can be fitted directly to the boat and is the least expensive and most accessible of all engines. A hand-controlled motor’s major drawback is that you must always have a hand free to run it.

A foot-controlled motor is an additional, slightly more expensive alternative. Using this type of motor, you will use your feet to manage all speed and power controls. They call for unique mounting brackets. A wireless remote-controlled motor is the last choice. It can be operated using a foot pedal or remote control, making it the priciest engine.

No matter what controls you choose, select a device with an ergonomic design. Many include telescopic handles that you may place and modify to fit your height. Most trolling motors have eight speeds—five forward and three backward. This, however, can change.


A outboard motor’s propeller is a crucial component. It will be directly coupled to the prop shaft, enhancing your control, efficiency, and noise levels. There are motors available with a variety of propellers. The majority have three blades; however, depending on the manufacturer and style, some have less or more.

Freshwater vs. Saltwater

You must decide where you will use the outboard motor before making any significant judgments about what kind you want for your kayak or canoe. It is not intended for freshwater motors to be utilized in saltwater.

It lacks safeguards against saltwater corrosion and running a freshwater motor in saltwater frequently voids the guarantee. Invest in a motor with stainless steel hardware, corrosion-resistant paint, and sealed electrical connections if you want to fish primarily in saltwater.

Kayak Or Canoe Size

When looking for the best outboard motor for canoe, this is one of the most crucial things to consider. What size boat do you own? The majority of canoes require a 55-lb thrust motor. You’ll get enough force from this to cross a lake while towing your boat and equipment.

You might get by with a smaller motor in some circumstances. Do not feel pressured to get the most powerful engine you can locate and afford. Keep in mind that not only will this be time-consuming and needless, but it will also necessitate more frequent battery recharges.

Shaft Length

The shaft length indicates how deep the propeller will travel. The ideal shaft length will provide adequate power without putting you at risk of hitting bottom and allow for about a foot of space beneath the water.

Mounting Ability 

Most trolling motors are made to be positioned in a boat’s stern or bow. To better control the boat, look for a trolling motor situated in the stern of a small kayak or canoe.

Additionally, doing so will enable you to drive while facing ahead, which is helpful if you’re also trying to fish. Some trolling motors require a little more work to mount; however, most come with everything you need when you buy the engine, so it’s not particularly difficult.

Comparison Table:

Newport Vessels NV-Series 55lb (Best Overall)

Newport Vessels NV-Series 55lb (Best Overall)

The Newport Vessels NV-Series 55lb trolling motor is our list’s top saltwater trolling motor. With this engine, you may fish continuously without worrying about corrosion, overheating, or other problems. It has hardware that is resistant to corrosion and a fiberglass shaft. You won’t need to be concerned about seawater corroding your motor’s delicate parts. Perfect for small and medium-sized boats, this motor. It has a nylon transom mount that is strong and simple to adjust, and it offers an excellent combination of power and efficiency. The shaft measures 30 inches.

The composite fiberglass shaft is dependable in all environments since it allows for proper depth positioning and strength. It is six inches long, has a telescopic handle with eight different speeds, and provides all the support you require to feel secure and in control.


  • the two-year manufacturer’s warranty is a plus.
  • A prominent battery indicator light displays the charge level.
  • has eight-speed variations


  • The reliability of a variable speed switch varies.

MotorGuide X3 (Best Foot Control Trolling Motor)

MotorGuide X3 45

One of this company’s most recent products is the MotorGuide X3, a dynamic foot-control trolling motor. At a reasonable price, it provides excellent performance and durability.

You won’t need to be concerned with slack if you have a twin cable steering system. Additionally, variable-ratio technology exists to offer more direct steering. The mount has an outer shaft made of stainless steel and stainless steel bushings and is composed of robust aircraft-grade aluminum. Additionally, there is a lifetime guarantee on the composite beam.

On the water, this trolling motor is quiet and straightforward to operate. It is entirely hand-free and managed using your feet instead of your hands. Better control and more time to concentrate on fishing? Please, yes!


  • Key wear locations have stainless steel bushings.
  • Adjusting the motor height is simple.
  • Simple to mount and dismount


  • Some individuals complain that the foot pedal is too quick.

Minn Kota Endura C2 55 (Best Freshwater Trolling Motor) 

Minn Kota Endura Max

The Minn Kota Endura C2 55 is the ideal trolling motor if you intend to fish primarily in freshwater. Although it is primarily for kayaks, it can also be used on other boats. Despite being made for freshwater, it has several cutting-edge characteristics that allow it to be used in saltwater.

Given its outstanding performance and affordable pricing, it represents a fantastic bargain. This trolling motor travels through the water almost silently and is remarkably quiet. Additionally, it produces less heat and operates coolly at all times.

This trolling motor is simple to install even. All you have to do is use the sturdy and dependable lever lock bracket. Additionally, the engine has unique components that increase flex resistance and lessen UV deterioration.


  • Portable and lightweight,
  • not caught in weeds,
  • includes an aluminum shaft for adjusting the height.


  • The shaft top is not sealed

Newport Vessels L-Series 86 Lb 

Newport Vessels L-Series 86 Lb

Even though this transom-mounted electric trolling motor is lightweight, don’t be misled into believing it lacks power. One of the best trolling motors for canoes or kayaks, this motor is among the most potent. It is one of the best for use in bad weather because of its corrosion-resistant build.

It boasts a three-foot-long composite fiberglass shaft that provides excellent strength and accurate depth adjustment. Telescoping handles and eight different speeds are features of the 86 lb Newport Vessels L-Series trolling motor. It includes an ergonomic handle that fully expands and is energy-efficient. This unit’s motor is equipped with corrosion-resistant stainless steel components, making it suitable for use in freshwater and saltwater environments.


  • two-year manufacturer’s warranty included
  • a strong shaft and well-placed depth
  • can be applied to both freshwater and saltwater


  • A little loud

MinnKota Traxxis 55SC 

MinnKota Traxxis 55SC

The best transom mount trolling motor for a kayak or canoe is the MinnKota Traxxis 55SC. It comes in two shaft sizes, 42 and 36 inches, and is built with high-quality features. It has a transom-mount trolling motor suitable for freshwater with a 55-pound thrust capacity and a 12-volt system.

It is robust and dependable despite being easy to use. Thanks to its one-hand stow mechanism, it can be easily pulled out of the water and lowered into the water. When you’re attempting to fish simultaneously, having this feature is convenient. The battery has a digital battery indicator light that makes it simple to read, and it also has Digital Maximizer technology, which lengthens the battery life.


  • good ability to modify the speed
  • Simple to mount and remove
  • Tiller handles can rotate up to 45 degrees.


  • Some clients criticize the manufacturer’s warranty coverage.

Saturn 55 Lbs Short-Shaft Electric Trolling Motor

Saturn 55 Lbs Short-Shaft Electric Trolling Motor

For those who want reliable mobility but don’t want to waste all of their time fiddling with a big, heavy motor, the Saturn 55-lbs Short-Shaft Electric Trolling Motor is an excellent small solution.

Small canoes and kayaks benefit significantly from their short-shaft motor. It is excellent and even works with inflatable boats. It produces 55 lbs of power thrust with only 17 kg of weight and has an adjustable handle and shaft. It contains 12 volts of power as well. With the help of the adjustable handle or the adjustable collar, you can easily vary the motor depth and get the desired angle.

It has three speeds for reverse and five for forward. Additionally, a battery indicator with a visible battery level display is included. Its small shape, flexibility, and strength make it ideal for lighter boats.


  • tiny and portable
  • composite materials are used to increase durability.
  • 26″ short shaft trimmed to order


  • Not suitable for use with larger boats


Choosing the best outboard motor for canoeis not a one-size-fits-all affair, much like buying a boat is. It would help if you first consider what you want your engine to accomplish. Consider your fishing location first. Will the motor be utilized in freshwater or saltwater? What size boat do you have? All of these factors will significantly influence the sort of motor you choose.

You will be able to reduce your list once you are aware of the non-negotiables (after all, you can’t precisely modify the size or shape of your boat!). Then, instead of focusing on the qualities you need, you can search for features you want, including speed, power, and usability.

Your success on the water can be significantly impacted by having the most excellent trolling motor for your kayak or canoe. It makes perfect sense to purchase one; perhaps this advice will help you know what to look for when shopping.

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