7 Best Kayaks for Heavy Person in 2023

Best Kayaks for Heavy Person

It is the perfect place if you love kayaking or want to enjoy fishing on your own. The following are the best affordable, durable, and versatile kayaks currently on the market. Check it out!

The seven best kayaks for heavy person in 2023 will be discussed in this article, including cost, features, durability, and efficiency! Choosing the right kayak that suits your weight and height will be guided by the reviews and weight limit of each plus-size kayak on this list.

Various kayaks are available, including 12 ft and 13 ft kayaks and models to suit men weighing 300 to 750 pounds. As kayaking competitions get more challenging and demanding each day, heavier and sturdier materials are needed for speed and durability.

A Buyer’s Guide to the best kayaks for heavy person

Your choice of a kayak depends on its intended use. For leisure activities, travel, and water sports, you need a boat that fits your needs and body type. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

A kayak for big men and women should have some key features.

Weight Capacity of the Kayak:

When you are well-built, the first and foremost priority should be finding a kayak that can accommodate you and your gear.

The ideal way to determine the weight capacity of a kayak is to add your weight to that of the kayak. You can also add the approximate weight of the gear you’ll be using. A kayak with a weight capacity of over 250 pounds is appropriate if you’re a girl or guy who weighs over 250 pounds.

Length and Width of Kayak:

It is generally recommended that kayak widths increase as weight increases. For big guys, kayaks with a width of more than 30 inches are recommended. For the length, it should be almost 12 feet long to support the width and add buoyancy. Choosing a wide enough boat to hold your weight without tipping over is essential.

For beginners, we recommend trying a sit-on-top kayak first. You can quickly get in and out of it. Besides being more comfortable, you sit high and have more control over the boat, plus you and your gear have plenty of space.


Kayaks should be made from the highest quality materials. Depending on the type of water you wish to kayak, you can choose between inflatable or durable synthetic exteriors. It should be sturdy enough to withstand weight and water pressure. 


The speed of the boat also depends on its purpose. For long-distance travel, narrower boats reduce friction with the water and make it easier to cut through still waters. Try using a motor attachment with your kayak if you need to travel long distances.

You will need a shorter and broader boat on fast-moving, running, or whitewater to prevent falling off.


Kayaks come in different designs and colors, sometimes bright and eye-catching and sometimes plain and simple. As a beginner, choose a simple design with few attachments to avoid confusion.


You can invest in a kayak if you are experienced and need it for an extended period. Start with a budget-friendly model if you are starting and know little about kayaking. Future upgrades are always possible.


You should consider your comfort when choosing a kayak if you are a big guy. In addition to being very easy to get into and out of, sit-on-top kayaks with high seats are usually more comfortable. It is also not very comfortable for your legs to sit inside a kayak that has a closed cockpit.

Portability & Storage:

For traveling, you need ample storage space on the deck at the front and back. You can store inflatable kayaks in a bag and carry them around easily. After you have finished traveling, you can fold it in a bag and carry it off the water.

7 best kayaks for heavy person

Comparison Table:

Sea Eagle 370 Inflatable Kayak

Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak

Try the Sea Eagle 370 Inflatable Kayak if you’re looking for a kayak that can accommodate a tall and large person for less than $500. You can have fun and adventure with your friends and family since this kayak can fit 2-3 people. With the Sea Eagle 370, you can carry more fishing gear and snacks.

Comparatively to its counterparts, it is easier to transport due to its inflatable design. Your traditional hard-shell kayaks will never need to be loaded by a truck again. There isn’t much space taken up by it in your garage or home, which makes it easier to store. The air inside provides a lot of comforts while sitting as well.

And if all that hasn’t convinced you, Sea Eagle is just one of the brands to receive an NMMA certification. All safety features have been met, and all materials used in building the boat are standard.


  • It is highly portable
  • Setup and inflation are easy
  • D rings in multiple sizes


  • Inflatable kayaks are a bit slower than non-inflatable kayaks.

Tamarack Fishing Kayak by Lifetime

ifLetime tamarack angler 100 fishing kayak

It is designed for people who are tall and bulky. A padded adjustable seat back and a footrest can be adjusted based on the paddler’s size. The kayak’s flat bottom ensures safety and stability.

Safety and stability are enhanced by the deep hull channels for performance tracking and the chine rails. Fishing gear and equipment can be stored easily.

Two hatches lead to the storage space below the deck of the sit-on-top kayak. A fishing rod holder is adjustable, as well as two flush-mounted holders.

The kayak has an adult-sized paddle, so you don’t have to worry about finding appropriate paddles. You can fit comfortably in this kayak if you are 6 feet tall.

Designed for medium-sized men and women, this big man kayak can carry 275 lbs. The kayak is designed for solo kayakers. The kayak is lighter than similar-sized kayaks, and its T-handles make it easy to carry into the water. Since the oar lacks a grip, wearing latex gloves will give you better traction.


  • Footrests and seat backs that can be adjusted
  • Seats are padded for comfort
  • Storage space is plentiful
  • Deep tracking channels in the hull ensure stability
  • Rod holders that are flush-mounted and adjustable
  • Rear and front shock cords


  • At 220cm, the oar is a bit short for an adult
  • The seat pads are not the finest. The highest quality

Sit-on-Top Fishing Kayak by Pelican 

Sit-on-Top Fishing Kayak by Pelican

A kayak designed for big guys can be heavy, but this one by Pelican is lightweight. Two retractable handles make carrying it easy. One person can quickly enter and exit this sit-on-top kayak with an open cockpit.

The seat and backrest are cushioned for comfort. Backrests can be adjusted. The rod holders and bottle holders are flush-mounted. To store the paddle, a tie-down is provided.

It features carrying handles, adjustable footrests, a hatch for storing, an open storage compartment, a bottle holder, and a tie-down for a paddle, making it an attractive kayak. Medium and large-built kayakers will also benefit from the weight carrying capacity.

The kayak’s flat bottom ensures stability, while the cushioned seat and backrest provide maximum comfort. With its features and build quality, this is an affordable kayak that big guys won’t regret buying.


  • It’s fascinating to look at
  • Well-designed and maneuverable
  • You can choose from a variety of features
  • Storage space is ample
  • A hatch-style storage compartment in the front keeps things dry
  • The backrest and seat are cushioned
  • Adjustable backrest


  • It is not stable enough to stand and fish
  • Learnimildve is a bit steep

Sit-on-Top Kayak by Perception

Perception Tribe 9.5 Sit-On-Top Kayak

You will love this pedal-driven kayak if you enjoy kayaking on slow-moving rivers, flat lakes, and calm coastal waters. This product is crafted in the USA, making it durable and reliable.

It features a lawn chair-type seat made of mesh and is breathable for maximum comfort. Two levels of adjustment are available for the seat.

There is a large storage area with bungee lashings on the front and rear for your fishing gear, cooler, and other items.

The under-seat storage can also be used. A fishing rod holder is molded into the boat’s hull so you can paddle and fish easily.

As well as performing well, it is also very user-friendly. As you can propel the kayak hands-free, you can easily fish or take pictures of the surroundings. You can cover longer distances by peddling.


  • Designed and manufactured in the United States
  • For ultimate comfort, the backrest tilts back
  • Mesh seats ensure airflow
  • Seats that can be adjusted
  • There is plenty of storage space
  • Tracks for carrying additional accessories without drilling holes
  • A fishfinder console


  • Pilot 12 is rather heavy for people with smaller builds
  • The kayak does not come with instructions for assembling it
  • Storage is not waterproof

Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 130 Fishing 13 Foot Kayak

Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 130 Fishing 13 Foot Kayak

Among the best kayaks on this list, a 13-foot kayak that can accommodate 550 pounds is the top, and the Vibe Sea Ghost 130 is heavy-duty. Sounds perfect. That’s right! Fishing kayaks can carry prominent men. You will find this extra-wide kayak very convenient if you weigh between 300 and 550 pounds or are over 6 feet tall. 

The material is durable high-density polyethylene to withstand strong river currents. The boat also has a built-in rudder, making sailing more accessible and saving you energy for fishing. Also, the Ghost 130 has storage, which anglers usually need in a kayak.

It includes a one-year warranty for the installed parts. In terms of value for money, it is the most reliable kayak that costs less than a thousand dollars. This high-weight capacity kayak has ingenious features and materials of the highest quality. Vibe did an excellent job! 


  • Large rear tank
  • An extra rod holder is included
  • The wide hull provides excellent stability


  • It’s a bit heavy for smaller people.

SUN DOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Aruba SS Kayak 

SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Aruba SS 12-Foot Sit-in Kayak

Sun Dolphin manufactures kayaks. Since 1982, they have been designing fishing and recreational kayaks that are the best on the market.

Currently, the Aruba 12 SS is the finest recreational kayak available. Being able to be used on both lakes and rivers, it is a recreational sit-on kayak (fish while sitting). With one of the broadest fishing kayaks on the market, you can catch your favorite fish in a comfortable and relaxing position.

Some top brands are cheaper by a few dollars. Kayaks from Sun Dolphin are stable and durable. This is the most popular plastic material on earth, high-density polyethylene, that has been UV-stabilized.

Upon receiving the product, some customers complain about the rough edges, which can easily be fixed with a touch of trimming. Aruba 12 offers less hassle, so even beginners can quickly adapt. You can enjoy fishing in this kayak to the fullest extent.


  • Stability is good
  • Protecting the thighs
  • When the water is calm, it tracks well


  • There can be discomfort in the seat.

Perception Pescador Pro Kayak

Perception Pescador Pro Kayak

The Perception Pescador 10.0 Sit-on-Top Kayak is the highest quality kayak you can buy for the money. Additionally, this kayak only costs around 700 US dollars.

The kayak is also appropriate for lakes, ponds, slow-moving streams, and even calm coasts. Due to the kayak’s length and space, Perception Pescador has designed it with multiple storage spaces and features to meet your fishing needs. A 5-year warranty is included with the kayak, which is designed and made in the USA.

Perception kayaks have been creating the finest kayaks for 40 years, proving their excellence and passion. The company promises the world’s safest, most comfortable, and most durable kayaks.

Customers have commended the steering and comfort of this vehicle. A few customers complain that they can’t reach things from the rear storage area during fishing activities, despite the kayak’s many helpful features. Apart from that, the kayak lives up to expectations.            


  • Legroom is ample
  • The material is highly durable
  • A lightweight material


  • Only two-rod holders are built-in.


How do I choose the appropriate kayak for an overweight person?

Regarding kayaks for big guys, they should be able to support the person’s weight and equipment. Stability and strength can be maintained by making them wide and long. You should be able to move around quickly and comfortably in the seats. A sit-on-top design is recommended for big guys.

Is kayaking possible for obese people?

A person who is obese can benefit significantly from kayaking. When you paddle and move around on the boat, you strengthen your body and get those muscles to work. Losing a few pounds can be a significant first step.


Kayaks are used for recreational, fishing, and sporting activities. We are blessed with great minds that can transform even inventions that can be modified. Of kayaks for fishing is beneficial for people suffering from depression or anxiety.

The patient’s mental health is improved by the calm waters and smooth sailing of kayaks. When you are not planning to use a kayak regularly, renting one would be a better choice. 

When searching for a kayak, safety is also a top priority. Don’t let your budget compromise the quality of the kayak you plan to buy, especially if your kids will be joining you on the adventure. Never put them at risk to save money on a kayak.

Whatever your size, the kayaks on this list will fit you perfectly,best kayaks for heavy person regardless of whether you are a large or petite man. Choose one on the list for a solo adventure or one with a loved one or friend.

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