Best Kayaks For Families in 2023

Best Kayaks For Families

 Canoeing along the Guadalupe River in South Texas with my father is one of my favorite childhood recollections. We’d drive to River Road in quest of a decent launch site with our 1985 Chrysler Minivan strapped to the roof of our forest green tandem 15′ Coleman. Once we got going, Mom would drive the van to meet us miles downriver, and Dad and I would start paddling as the sun peaked through the centuries-old cypress trees and glistened like diamonds on the water’s surface.

Our piloting talents would periodically be tested by thrilling rapids that occasionally replace calm currents, and we would occasionally find a natural pebble beach where we could land for food and a chance to stretch our legs. We would see water moccasins sliding across the lake’s surface, blue herons bobbing for supper, and Guadalupe bass breaching for damselflies.

Purchasing a best kayaks for families: Things to Think About

So, what will it be? Both rigid and inflatable sides Sit-on-top or a closed cockpit? Larger and heavier or shorter and lighter? When buying the best kayaks for families, there are many things to think about, but the most crucial is how you want to use it. The best uses for various kayak models are listed below.

kayak classes

The majority of kayaks may appear to be pretty identical to a novice paddler at first glance. Yet, each kayak has subtle and significant engineering and design differences appropriate for its intended use.

Tandem kayaks for leisure

These are the most common kayaks, probably due to their adaptability and ability to be used for a range of pursuits like paddling, camping, and fishing. They usually are 30 inches wide and 10 to 13 feet long, making them stable and straightforward to control. While closed cockpit kayaks provide greater weather protection, sit-on-top kayaks are excellent for novices.

Tandem Tour Kayaks

A touring kayak is a good option if you intend to paddle on open water most of the time. They are fast and straightforward to paddle for extended periods since they are long and narrow. However, they can be challenging to maneuver in confined places and are less stable than recreational kayaks.

Tandem inflatable kayaks

For individuals who want the portability of an inflatable boat with the performance of a hard-sided kayak, inflatable kayaks are a fantastic option. Although they are portable and fit in remote locations, they are not as strong as other kayaks.

Tandem Fishing Kayaks

Anglers that want to fish from a kayak can use best kayaks for families. Typically, they have rod holders, fishfinder mounts, and storage for the necessary equipment and bait. To help you paddle and fish simultaneously, some fishing kayaks even incorporate pedal-drive systems. Fishing kayaks can be either sit-on-top or closed cockpit designs.

Tandem Whitewater Kayaks

Whitewater kayaks are made for navigating swift-moving rivers and streams. Although they are small and exquisite, they can be challenging to paddle in calm water. Both inflatable and hard-sided models are available; some even feature detachable spray skirts to keep you dry in temperate weather.

These kayaks will list a Class I, II, III, IV, or V whitewater rating in their description. Here are some more factors to consider now that you are a little more knowledgeable about the various kayak models.

Weight Capacity

Before purchasing a best kayaks for families, make sure to check its weight capacity. It’s crucial to stay within the weight restrictions set for each kayak.

If you are a heavier paddler, you should seek a kayak with a more significant weight capacity. Make sure the kayak can support the additional weight if you intend to bring items on your excursions.

Included Accessories

Some best kayaks for families come fully equipped so you can get on the water immediately. Some, though, not so much. To find out what more you’ll need, carefully read the package contents list. Nothing ruins a nice kayaking day like realizing you are paddle-less!

Storage Space

You can reach your stuff inside the cockpit of some kayaks thanks to hatches or storage spaces built right in. Others feature compartments for storage in front of or beneath the seat. Others have no storage at all, so you will need to secure your equipment to the deck.

Comparison Table:

Sea Eagle 380X Explorer Inflatable Tandem Kayak

Sea Eagle 380x Inflatable Kayak with Pro Package

The Sea Eagle 380X is the kayak for you if you want one that can handle almost any aquatic environment, from quiet streams to Class IV whitewater rapids to coastal ocean waves.

The 380X’s rugged construction and exceptional tracking make it an excellent choice for anything from a leisurely lakeside day to exhilarating quick shooting or light coastal cruising. Even if it doesn’t have rod holders or fishfinder mounts for fishing, it’s a boat, so why not? It is an inflatable that is simple to store and can be packed tightly. It comes with everything you need to get on the water, making it the finest of the best, in our opinion.


  • Manufacturer’s 3-year warranty
  • NMMA Certified
  • incredibly robust design
  • 16 self-bailing valves for high or choppy waters
  • 24 D-rings and carry handles are thoughtfully positioned.
  • Multipurpose uses
  • Solo and tandem arrangements
  • can be coupled with a motor using a motor mount that is available separately.
  • total bundle ready for the water


  • You risk losing all of your money.

 Advanced Elements Straitedge 2 Inflatable Kayak

 Advanced Elements Straitedge 2 Inflatable Kayak

This substantial hard-side sit-on-top, made in America, is adaptable and loaded with features. It is enjoyable to maneuver and incredibly stable on turbulent waters or with a restless passenger because of its distinctive hull design with a full-length keel (pet or human).

Also really comfortable and roomy! A little third passenger may fit comfortably in the wide-open cockpit, along with tonnes of gear for fishing, camping, and whatever else you can think of. The seats are framed with breathable mesh for pleasant backs and buttocks. If you add a lifetime warranty to the mix, this could be the last kayak you ever purchase.


  • LIFETIME limited warranty is a plus.
  • sufficient to accommodate 3 individuals, obviously with little storage
  • Unique seats made of breathable mesh improve comfort.
  • Due to the unique hull design, there is excellent tracking and stability. The hull can be configured for solo or tandem paddling.


  • It’s a bit heavy.
  • No paddles are provided.
  • No paddle or fishing rod holders built-in

 Intex Excursion Pro Inflatable Tandem Kayak

Intex Excursion Pro kayak

Intex is well known for its premium above-ground inflatable pools, but they also use laminate solid PVC tarpaulin in many other products. The substance also yields an excellent inflatable tandem kayak.

A well-built recreational paddler for lakes, slow-moving rivers, and light coastal surf, the Excursion Pro. It’s a fantastic option for individuals who wish to indulge in some lazily priced floating.


  • complete and water-ready packaging
  • NMMA Accredited
  • nicely outfitted for freshwater or ocean fishing
  • low price


  • The manufacturer’s guarantee is only 90 days, which is inadequate given the price.
  • The paddle blades are somewhat thin.

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Inflatable Convertible

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Convertible Inflatable Kayak

What do you get when you cross an inflatable tandem kayak with a Transformer? The Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame’s adaptability is an engineering masterstroke! If you buy the conversion kit, you can choose between a single closed deck; a tandem closed deck or the first two options combined with an open deck.

It is a startling 15 feet long, weighs only 52 pounds, yet can carry 550 pounds of paddlers and gear! Because of its exceptional stiffness and lightweight aluminum frame, it is a versatile inflatable tandem kayak that is simple to propel through the water.


  • The one-year manufacturer’s warranty is a plus.
  • Features three-seat locations convert to a tandem, solo, or sit-inside kayak.
  • Six air chambers provide additional leak protection.
  • Ample storage for equipment
  • Skeg and integrated ribs considerably enhance tracking


  • It would require one person to military-press it overhead to get it to the water because it is heavy for an inflatable.
  • no built-in footpegs
  • The pump and paddles are available separately.
  • Conversion Kit is a standalone item.

 Sevylor Coleman Colorado Tandem Fishing Kayak

Sevylor Coleman Colorando 2 person fishing kayak

Due to its improved stability and ease of handling, the  Sevylor Coleman Colorado Tandem Fishing Kayak is a fantastic choice for novices. Experts and seasoned individuals will also value this well-designed vessel.

This kayak is an excellent choice for river treks and expeditions where one can meet high water because of the low seat positions, comfortable seat materials, premium cargo straps, and sturdy side tubes. You’ll be good for the foreseeable future thanks to an unbelievable 10-Year No Fault Warranty.


  • The 10-year “No-Fault” warranty is a plus.
  • Low-gravity, adjustable, and comfortable seating for increased stability
  • ample space for storing equipment
  • Comprehensive and highly sturdy to large bodies of water
  • Swift movements
  • simple access and exit


  • The manufacturer is not taking new orders because it has reached its production capacity for 2023.


Whew! It’s all done now! Gratitude for reading. Your search for the best kayaks for families should now be more focused, thanks to the information in this post. Always keep in mind that the ideal kayak is the one that satisfies your unique wants and preferences. We hope your kayaking endeavors are successful!

Now, go outside!

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