7 Best Kayaking Tents in 2023

Best Kayaking Tents

You’ll need a restful night’s sleep after a strenuous day of river kayaking. You’ll have an awful night’s sleep if you don’t choose the proper shelter. Throughout the night, moisture will drop on your sleeping bag, and mosquitoes will buzz around your resting area.

The  tent recommendations in this post are for your upcoming kayaking excursion. There should be something in here for everyone, regardless of the climate you’re dealing with. Here is my review of the best kayaking tents for camping without further ado!

Best Kayaking Tents Buying Guide 

Don’t give up if you still don’t feel like you’ve discovered the ideal tent for your upcoming kayaking adventure!


Weight restrictions will vary across kayaks. These include the weight of your body and all your equipment, including your paddle and any clothing you may be wearing. It would help if you observed these restrictions to protect your safety.

Although you shouldn’t be as concerned with every ounce as you would be on a hiking trip, you should still consider the weight of your tent. Your paddling will be more difficult the more gear you have!

It would help if you also thought about how big your tent is when folded up and whether or not it will fit in your dry bags. I would prefer only to use a two-person tent for kayaking, but if you’re camping with kids, you might want a giant tent.


Spending money on quality equipment that will last rather than repeatedly purchasing inferior equipment is always preferable. You may want to give special consideration to the groundsheet when choosing a kayaking tent because there’s a strong possibility you’ll be setting up camp on a wet, rocky riverbank.

I advise you to get a tent footprint in addition to good groundsheet. This will lessen the chance of your tent’s floor being torn by tiny rocks. You must ensure that the footprint is smaller than your tent because it won’t make it more waterproof. If not, water could gather between the layers and seep into your sleeping area.

Bug Protection 

Camping close to the water will expose you to biting insects. Therefore, purchasing a tent with windows and doors covered in the fine mesh is imperative. A no sees, um, mesh works well.

Storage Space 

No matter how much you adore your kayak, you won’t be able to bring a tent large enough to stow the kayak inside of it. Just flip the kayak over and leave it outside for the night. To keep animals away, you might want to acquire a cockpit cover.

I advise getting a tent with a sizable vestibule where you can store wet stuff overnight. Wetsuits will cause moisture if you keep them in your sleeping compartment.

Comparison Table:

ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 1-Person Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 1-Person Tent

In my opinion, the ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 1-Person Tent is the best option for kayak camping. If you’re coming with a friend, I recommend taking a few smaller tents rather than one larger one because you might have to camp on short strips of ground at the river bank.

The ALPS Mountaineering Tents are moderately priced and of decent quality. The Zephyr is one of my favorites because it’s simple to set up and works well in inclement weather. Like any other tent, you must waterproof it before using it outside.

Because the rain fly doesn’t reach the ground, a breeze could enter the tent near the bottom, making it a poor choice for cold-weather camping. You’ll be grateful for that, though, for the warmer weather! I like that the vestibule is a good size for storing your gear and that you can pitch simply the mesh inner in warm weather so you can stay up all night stargazing.

Overall, this is a lightweight, airy, cozy tent for one person. This is an excellent option for the summer because of the additional vent in the sleeping area and the mosquito netting, but I wouldn’t pick it for the winter.


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Mosquito mesh
  • large vestibule


  • Not recommended for cold climates

Forceatt 2 Person Tent 

Forceatt 2 Person Tent 

The most affordable kayaking tent available right now is the Forecast 2-Person Tent. Although it might be conceivable to locate something even more affordable, I haven’t found a less-priced tent that I feel confident recommending.

This tent is reasonably priced and valuable. It’s a good size for two people, and since there are two doors, you won’t have to squeeze through one another to enter and exit. For travelers, its 2.5-kilogram weight is a bit much. However, kayaking gives you a little more leeway with your pack weight.

This tent is 41 cm in length and 14 cm in height when folded into its carry bag. Without a problem, that will fit in your kayak, and the 3000mm coating will help keep you dry in windy and rainy conditions. The two ceiling vents will reduce condensation during the cooler months, and you also have guylines to keep your exterior wall in place in a windstorm.

Overall, this is a fantastic value small tent for a kayak excursion with one or two people. The floor’s lack of strength is the only disadvantage. In light of that, I would pair this model with a footprint.


  • Good size and weight
  • good value
  • two distinct doorways
  • Weatherproof


  • The floor is not very sturdy.

Naturehike Mongar 2

Naturehike Mongar 2

The Naturehike Mongar 2 is the kayaking tent I would pick for myself. I enjoy Naturehike tents since they’re affordable, lightweight, and well-made.

The weight of this two-person tent is about 1.8 kg. That’s far less than my budget selection, but when you’re willing to spend a little more, that’s to be expected. I adore how easily this tent can be transported as it folds up so little. After a lengthy paddle, the camp setup doesn’t take long because it can be done in only five minutes.

This tent is easy to share because it has two separate doors and two vestibules so that each of you may comfortably store your gear outside of your sleeping area. Insects that bite can be kept outdoors, where they belong, thanks to a fine bug screen, which also has two air vents for ventilation.

The fact that the dimensions of this tent are slightly exaggerated in the product description is something I don’t like. The sizes are 78″ x 48″ x 42, which is perfect for me as I’m relatively small, but taller individuals should be aware of this.


  • Simple to set up
  • Vestibules and two doors
  • Lightweight


  • Amplification of dimensions

ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 2-Person Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 2-Person Tent

You might wish to choose the ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian Tent if you plan to kayak during the colder months. As a two-person tent, you may use it in the winter to add extra warmth with a human or four-legged companion.

There are two separate doors with zippered mesh windows for ventilation, and the tent is simple to erect. Additionally, you have two vestibules where you may keep your equipment, which gives you extra room inside. The sturdy metal poles and guy ropes will protect you from the wind.

Since a snow skirt doesn’t entirely protect the interior tent, this tent isn’t truly four-season. It’s unlikely you’ll be kayaking in temperatures so low, but sadly, the rain fly isn’t a little longer. This tent is spacious and well-ventilated for two people. Just don’t count on it to protect you during a severe blizzard.


  • Large enough for two individuals
  • Optimal ventilation
  • Vestibules and two doors


  • The rainfly might be longer.

GEERTOP 1 Person Bivy

GEERTOP 1 Person Bivy

The Geertop Bivy Tent would be an excellent option for a kayaking vacation, regardless of whether you enjoy wild camping or just getting down to the fundamentals.

Certain people should not use bivy tents. Since there isn’t enough room to sit up, it’s best to imagine them as a roomy, waterproof sleeping bag to get a sense of what you’d be getting into.

But because they are lightweight and covert, I mainly prefer bivys. This type has a camouflage pattern, so you can easily blend in with the surroundings. This bivy tent provides outstanding ventilation despite its size.

A 5000mm rainfly and well-sealed seams should keep you warm and dry even in the wettest conditions. The fine bug mesh will keep the creepy crawlies at bay so that you can sleep well, while the ripstop tent walls will survive a long time in the wild outdoors. It weighs only 1.5 kilograms and measures 17 x 4 x 4 inches in dimension when packed. If I were camping alone, this would be my first pick, but I usually nearly go with my spouse and a dog.


  • Tiny and portable
  • Discreet
  • good ventilation
  • dependable inclement weather


  • Bivy tents might seem too confined.

GEERTOP 4-Person Camping Tent

GEERTOP 4-Person Camping Tent

I advise getting two two-person tents rather than one more giant tent if your family of four will be camping. Smaller tents, in my opinion, are preferable for kayaking excursions because you never know where you’ll wind up pitching.

However, the Geertop 4-Person Camping Tent would be your best option for the cooler months if you truly want everyone to sleep together. Although I am aware that parents would worry about their young children becoming cold while camping, this tent is rather dependable in cold and wet weather. The sturdy frame and guylines will keep you safe in heavy winds, and the spacious vestibule has room for everyone’s gear.

Because this tent features five ventilation windows, you won’t have to be concerned about moisture leaking all over the place. However, I wouldn’t advise using the tent in the dog days of heat. Since it was made for cold weather, you’ll probably find it too warm in the summer.


  • Large enough for two adults and two youngsters.
  • dependable in chilly and windy conditions
  • Optimal ventilation


  • Not ideal for hot climates
  • one door only

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx

The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 is the vehicle I recommend if you want to take your family out during the warmer months. This tent is a good size for two parents and two little children, but it will be tight if your kids are older.

Compared to the Geertop tent I suggested above, this tent is significantly more breathable. Because of that, it works great in warm weather but poorly in winter. I adore that the Lynx has two vestibules and two doors since it makes sharing a tent with others much less cramped.

The UV-resistant rainfly, which shields you from the sun, and the sturdy floor and zippers are other aspects of this tent that I enjoy. It doesn’t take up much more space than most two-person kayaking tents because it collapses to 6 x 23 inches.

The sleeping compartment of this tent offers almost seven feet of space, making it a suitable option for taller individuals and rather dependable in passing downpours. The tent weighs a healthy 8.6 pounds and has sealed seams, so there shouldn’t be any leakage issues. For a four-person tent of this caliber, that’s very good.

The only downside is that it doesn’t appear to be double-stitched. If you have active kids who like to bounce around, you may discover that the seams don’t hold up over time.


  • Suitable for summer
  • robust zippers
  • Vestibules and two doors
  • good for taller individuals


  • Not the strongest seams



Ans: Kayaking while tenting might be the most memorable experience of your life because it will allow you to feel the wind and the ocean’s rolling waves. Spending quality time with your family is the most acceptable practice.


You will need a kayaking tent to set up your campsite next to the kayaking location. It will provide you with the ideal lodging space so that you can appreciate nature to the fullest.

What characteristics of kayak camping should you be aware of?

Ans: You need to be aware of certain fundamental aspects of kayak camping, such as checking the weather prediction, packing all your necessities, choosing the best location, and balancing your tent.


Yes, you can bring a bag while kayaking camping to store all your necessities and equipment.


You want something compact, lightweight, and simple to put up when kayaking. The great value may be found in the Forecast 2-Person Tent. If you choose to utilize this tent, use a footprint. I also enjoy Naturehike Mongar 2 a lot. It has a great layout, is roomy, and the quality is excellent for the money. (Keep in mind that the manufacturer inflates the product’s dimensions.)

The ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 1-Person Tent is, without a doubt, the most excellent one-person tent for kayaking. The ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 2-Person Tent is a better option if camping in cold weather, even though this is a fantastic summer tent. With the kayak and your new tent, I hope this essay has allayed any questions you may have had. I also wish you many exciting experiences!

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