7 Best Kayak Outriggers in 2023

best kayak outriggers

In adding best kayak outriggers to our product offerings, we gave more significance to the price stabilizing floats carried to man or woman canoe and kayak paddlers, anglers, and adaptive kayaking programs.

We had been curious how a great deal of balance floats were brought to a kayak, so we did a few tests. Our first tester changed into a robust and able-bodied 18-year-old. Despite his quality attempt and several attempts, he couldn’t tip over the kayak while it changed into geared up with outriggers.

It changed to simplest while the aspect fingers had been driven into the middle bar entirely so that the pontoons should be moved toward the kayak that some other tester, with great attempt, changed into capable of tipping the kayak. 

Outriggers Add Stability

Kayak outriggers provide a degree of balance and safety to paddlers, assisting stability of the kayak and reducing the probability of it tipping over. No wonder right here because they had been firstly developed – to feature balance to the vessel. 

Versatility: Outriggers for Kayaks or Canoes

Like its kayak brethren, canoes also can be pretty tippy. So in case you’re going to shop for a few floats, why no longer have the flexibility to have healthy kayaks and canoes like ours do!

The 40″ middle arm of our canoe stabilizers should be connected to the canoe’s gunwales (or placed in the front or rear of the kayak). The stabilizing bars amplify for a complete width of 69″ to 83″ inches with the floats connected. When hooked up correctly, the canoe outriggers are set to trip simply above the water line to reduce drag and no longer hinder the paddler’s stroke. 

Outriggers Improve Balance for Stand Up Fishing

When you are busy casting, converting lures, or reeling in that large catch, you are no longer centered on balancing your kayak or canoe. That method, a sudden bump or a shift in a roll may ship your equipment flying off the aspect of the boat or, worse yet, release you into the water! Even when you have a fishing kayak designed for standing, you continue to run the threat of dropping everything (consisting of yourself) within the drink.

What to Look for in Kayak Stabilizers

There are many motives paddlers seek for the brought stability and balance that outriggers provide. Sometimes it is due to proudly owning a specifically tippy kayak or canoe. In other instances, they could have insufficient strength because of a neurological situation or age.


Do you need a rigid, long-lasting fabric on your outriggers that includes polyethylene plastic, or will a lightweight, lightweight inflatable set do the trick? What approximately are the aspect fingers: are they aluminum, fiberglass, or plastic? Make sure to apprehend whether or not the substances are proof against corrosion, particularly if you plan to apply them in saltwater conditions.  


You have to know that What are the dimensions and weight of your vessel are with you in it? Can the outriggers deal with that weight? Also, remember the dimensions of the outriggers themselves. Generally, the shorter the outrigger, the slower and much less hydrodynamic. In maximum cases, longer is better.  


If you rule out inflatables and DIY outriggers, maximum rotomolded units vary from $one hundred sixty to as much as $650. Oddly enough, we determined there isn’t a right away correlation between rate and quality—more on that below. 

Adjustability & Removability: 

Can the peak of the outriggers be adjusted? Can they be eliminated effortlessly for storage?

7 Best Kayak Outriggers

1. YakGear Outriggers Gen 2

YakGear Outriggers Gen 2

YakGear outriggers are fantastic and smooth to put in. They aren’t liable to punctures, and they offer different spots for mounting a GoPro.

The set includes plastic floats with 30-inch adjustable fingers that go with the flow base 22 inches from the edges or port. This package weighs the most straightforward 6. eight kilos, and they use the Railblaza StarPort mounts.


Brand: YakGear

Item: Weight6.eight Pounds

Material: Aluminum, Plastic

Color: GEN 2


  • Adjustable fingers
  • Excellent sturdiness and performance
  • It cannot be punctured
  • Easy to put in
  • It offers a tremendous cost to your money
  • Adjustable top and function or fore and aft


  • Will require a greater area for storage

2. Scotty Kayak Stabilizer

Scotty Kayak Stabilizer

The Scotty Stabilizer is a complex and fast outrigger that could, without difficulty, adapt to numerous healthy canoes while not having to drill holes. This is as it comes with the brand’s transportable clamp mount. The pontoons consist of a locking mounting machine that lets in a less complicated setup and elimination process.

Just release and swing this machine inboard that allows you to get them from your way. Each stabilizer package from Scotty consists of inflatable pontoons, a locking aggregate side/deck mounting machine, baitcaster rod holders, and anodized fingers and posts.


  • LightweightLightweight and double
  • Portable from being inflatable
  • Easy to put in and remove
  • Effective in imparting higher balance and buoyancy


  • Won’t closing numerous years

3. Brocraft Outriggers

Brocraft Outriggers

Another brilliant kayak stabilizer machine, the Brocraft outriggers, has a strict substitute set of outrigger floats.

With molded PVC floats or pontoons and 32-inch aluminum fingers, which might be set up on locking bases, they’re sure to convey balance in your kayak. It’s one of the excellent dealers, and it’s in colorful yellow, which makes it very seen on the water because it extends out of your kayak.


2 – PVC Floats package

2 – 32″ anodized fingers + lock posts

2 – Brocraft Side/Deck Mounts

2 – Power Lock Rod Holders


  • Ideal for a slender kayak
  • Easy to put in and adjust
  • Excellent performance
  • Long fingers


  • It may be sold out

4. Hobie Sidekick Ama

Hobie Sidekick Ama

Among the maximum flexible units of outriggers we’ve tested, the Hobie Sidekick Amas has an adjustable flow peak for optimization.Those inflatable stabilizers are a superb companion whether you’re angling on flatwater or whitewater kayaking.

The mounting hardware is covered and includes four increasing nuts and bolts. The adjustable floating peak may be manipulated with only a short click and twist. The three positions are high, medium, and low, making it a flexible kayak stabilizer set.



size: medium

Sport Type:Kayaking

Color:Light Gray

Unit Count1.zero Count

Closure: TypeTwist


  • Secure and stable
  • Adjustable peak
  • Easy to hold and transport
  • Durable and flexible


  • Stocks are restrained

5. Meter Star Kayak Stabilizer

Meter Star Kayak Stabilizer

For novices or folks that need to check out having stabilizers installed on a kayak, Meter Star Kayak Stabilizers are several excellent to strive out.

They lend enough balance to any canoe, and it’s long-lasting and lightweight. Their inflatable layout makes them famous with households with little youngsters who love going out inside the water.

Weighing simply 2.6 kilos and measuring about 36 inches in length, those stabilizers are best to make sure your kayak is stable. The bundle additionally comes with restore patches, just like most superb stabilizer kits.


Material: PVC

Color: White

This Float is Great for kayak, canoe, boat, paddling, fishing, status, and novices.


  • Great for novices
  • Anti-corrosion air valve
  • Durable and stable
  • LightweightLightweight and portable


  • Not for critical kayak fishing

6. Lixada Inflatable Outrigger

Lixada Inflatable Outrigger

A low-cost option, this product is fixed with inflatable stabilizers with aluminum sidekicks and an adjustable mounting bar.It additionally capabilities an ergonomic bent-guide bar which makes changes lots simpler than different outriggers.

Mounting the stabilizer device is easy. With the Lixada Outriggers, you may make a certain balance while fishing, status, or kayaking because it has a PVC and aluminum construction. It’s sturdier and extra long-lasting in comparison to the opposite alternatives.

Regarding its performance, it doesn’t create quite as much drag so that you can experience an extra cozy and smoother ride. They also provide an incredible quantity of buoyancy so that you won’t have to pressure or fear approximately to fall overboard.


  • Adjustable peak
  • Better buoyancy and balance
  • Affordable
  • Extremely lightweight lightweight


  • The metallic bar isn’t covered withinside the bundle

7. Spring Creek Hydrodynamic Canoe Stabilizer

Spring Creek Hydrodynamic Canoe Stabilizer

Another set of outriggers that we enormously propose is the Hydrodynamic Canoe Stabilizer of Spring Creek Manufacturing. Although it may sell it out as shares are restrained, and quite a few human beings seek to get their arms on them, we nonetheless love them as they don’t disappoint.

Made right here withinside the US, the outriggers are ideal for fishing, canoeing, and kayaking. They’re made from long-lasting, lightweight polyethylene plastic, which guarantees smoothness and balance while withinside the water. The width may be adjusted, relying on your unique needs. It can be prolonged to a maximum of 20 inches from every direction.


  • The universal receiver crossbar gives exceptional lengths
  • Easy to use
  • Improved consolation and safety
  • Minimal drag


  • Quite heavy in comparison to different kayak outriggers


Q. What precisely can high-quality kayak outriggers do?

Ans: Outriggers provide stability and balance to a kayak or canoe even when used within the water. They grow the kayak’s buoyancy and act as stabilizers as they lessen the chance of the kayak tipping or rocking.

To make sure that your outriggers provide you with the most balance possible, positioning is crucial. Ideally, you will need the stabilizers to be placed and set in location, so there’s no want for adjusting or rearranging while you’re already for your kayak.

Q. Do outriggers certainly work?

Ans: Yes, they work. If you have many high-quality kayak outriggers and they’re placed correctly, you may have an extra solid and buoyant kayak.

Q. How do I determine if I will want stabilizers for my kayak?

Ans: Kayaks are tiny water vessels. This method makes them vulnerable to flipping over while they’re out on the water. Do you make some kayak fishing trips?

If so, you want the outriggers or stabilizers as you won’t have to fear kayak tipping or rock as you combat fish.

If you’re now no longer a high-quality swimmer, you could additionally be more secure with a kayak stabilizer system. Outriggers assist save you from falling into the water. They also can make extra kayaking fun and noteworthy for you as there may be no worry of the kayak turning upside down.


Using the high-quality kayak outriggers will no longer best assist make sure your balance and protection on the water and enhance your ordinary kayaking revel in and performance. 

The stabilizer package comes entirely with everything you want – even the setup guide and mounting hardware are included! What’s extra, it relies on the logo so that you may be confident you’re getting one from a good corporation.

The corporation has an excellent popularity for generating high-appearing and enormously buoyant outriggers that could remain for years. It’s even best for amateurs and professionals.

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