7 Best Kayak For Multi-Day Trips in 2023 | Complete Guide

Best kayak for multi-day trips

At times, we would like to spend time kayaking and camping on a picturesque island. Kayaking is a very fulfilling activity by itself, while camping is a lot of fun. When you combine these two, you have something magical.

Kayaking precedes your camping adventure for an added dose of fun and enjoyment. What’s more? Special kayaks are available that can help you designed to support last for days!

Camping kayaks are plentiful on the market, however, so you might get confused trying to choose one. Never fear, I have your back. I have compiled a list of my 7 best kayak for multi-day trips, along with a short guide to choosing one.

Things to consider before buying a kayak

  • Budget:You should consider your budget first. You could do a rough internet search for kayak prices to determine how much money you will need to prepare the kayak. If you don’t budget enough money, you don’t want to go shopping and come home empty-handed because you couldn’t buy the kayak you wanted.
  • Purpose: The purpose of some kayaks is to be able to handle whitewater, i.e., rough waters. However, they can only use other kayaks on the calm seawater. Accordingly, the type of kayak you should choose depends on the purpose for which you intend to use it.
  • Type: Kayaks are categorized as either sit in or sit on in this category. Kayaks with a front cover to keep your legs inside are called sit-in kayaks. In addition, there are sit-on kayaks without these front covers.
  • Other factors to consider include storage capacity, width, and length.

Defining Features of Camping Kayaks

Camping kayaks can be distinguished from other kinds of kayaks by specific characteristics. In addition to these features, any kayak can be used for multi-day camping trips.

  • Weight: Kayaks that can carry a significant amount of weight without sinking make camping kayaks different. Since you would also need to have some gear as well as other items for your trip, the kayak needs to be able to carry a large amount of weight.
  • Storage: In addition to their large storage compartments, some camping kayaks have containers tailored to hold specific items because of their fragility. The storage compartments of camping kayaks are extensive and versatile.
  • Performance: Since the kayaks would be carrying some heavy items, they need to be stable and track as efficiently as possible. Because of this, you will find that these kayaks are often long, comprehensive, and deep.
  • Comfort: Because you are not just going for an hour trip, the comfort of a camping kayak must be top-notch. There must be comfortable straps, seats, and all other equipment.
  • Construction Material: The material used for building camping kayaks must be solid and durable. Regardless of the weather conditions, the kayaks must remain robust and reliable.

Benefits of owning a camping kayak

Owning a camping kayak has many benefits. In addition to performing well when fully packed for long trips, they are also excellent for short and relaxing experiences. As a result, you know that you own a kayak that can be used for any adventure.

7 best kayak for multi-day trips

Comparison Table:

Wilderness Systems Tempest 170


Wilderness Systems Tempest 170

The longest kayak on this list is perfect for multi-day kayak camping expeditions. Even if you intend to spend long days on the waterways, you can sit comfortably in its fully adjustable seat, which supports your back and keeps you cool. 

There are two large dry storage hatches, plus a smaller one behind the rider so you can access items quickly. In addition, there are four bungee sections for strapping on extra gear. In all that extra storage, you can pack a few comforts from home, from an extra sleeping pad to your favorite stuffed animal. 


  • Weight capacity of 325 pounds
  • Super comfortable seat
  • Padded thigh support


  • It can be difficult for beginners to handle a rope that is 17 feet long

Wilderness Systems PUNGO 120


Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 – Best Overall

Wilderness Systems’ Pungo series offers a good balance between stability and comfort. It comes with Wilderness Systems’ super comfortable AirPro seat. Its 29-inch width means you’ll have a decent amount of strength, but its 12-foot and performance shape will make long days easier to paddle.

Two bungee straps allow for additional cargo in addition to a single dry hatch. Even the dashboard insert features a mini dry hatch so you can keep your phone or wallet close at hand. The dashboard features two cup holders because you must keep your favorite drink nearby, even camping in a kayak.


  • The capacity of 320 pounds
  • Less than 50 pounds
  • Also available in 14-foot versions


  • A dry hatch for a multi-day trip would be nice

Pelican Maxim 100X 


Pelican Maxim 100X Sit-in Recreational Kayak

This one is a good choice if you’re not sure you’ll enjoy kayak camping and can’t find a friend who’d lend you their kayak for the first time. 

The storage space is surprising, and there are two different areas for strapping on extra equipment with the built-in bungee cords. You can even relax at the cockpit table with a bottle holder when you’re done paddling. Paddle comfortably with the extra padding in the seat and molded footrests. 


  • Stable v-chine hull
  • is only 39 pounds
  • and can carry 275 pounds


  • The seat isn’t as adjustable as some of the other options

Perception Pescador Pro 12


Perception Pescador Pro 12

You won’t set any speed records with this Pescador Pro. It provides plenty of stability with an overall length of 12 feet and a width of 32 inches. It’s beneficial if you’re unsure of yourself on the water and don’t want to worry too much about capsizing. 

The kayak keeps you well out of the water despite being a sit-on-top. It even comes with a sturdy lawn chair-style seat that is comfortable and provides plenty of support. The best part is that the heart can be removed and taken to your campfire!

As this kayak has no waterproof storage, you’ll need some good dry bags. You’ll find some dry bag recommendations in my Guide to Your First Kayak Camping Trip.) It has large front and rear storage compartments for short camping trips.


  • There are two color options
  • that can support 375 pounds
  • It even comes with a replaceable skid plate if you have to drag your kayak on the ground


  • It’s not the best for high-mileage trips



Advanced Elements StraightEdge Angler

Another good inflatable option. It’s no pool toy, although it’s inflatable. You can abuse this kayak without fear of it breaking. These inflatable kayaks are more likely to withstand bumping around on rocks than their plastic counterparts. 

A large capacity of 500 pounds makes it perfect for tandem kayaking or going camping alone with all your gear. If you encounter some rough water or waves, you can open its ports to make it self-bailing so it won’t fill up with water. 

Kayaks with inflatables can have problems maintaining their shape, making them difficult to handle. A rigid bow and stern maintain the boat’s shape in critical areas, so it tracks better.


  • Easily adjustable seats
  • It’s great for tall paddlers, primarily if used by yourself
  • with fishing rod holders


  • No pump or paddle included

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120


Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120

An excellent sit-on-top kayak with a comfortable seat and plenty of storage space, this sit-on-top kayak is perfect for camping. In various conditions, the boat’s length and width of 12 feet and 31 inches make it stable and easy to maneuver. 

If you plan camping in the summer, you’ll probably prefer the open top and low profile. 

Despite being a sit-on-top, it has a sealed hatch in the bow for storing delicate items you want to keep dry. The stern has a large storage compartment and a cargo net to hold everything else. 


  • The capacity of 374 pounds
  • AirPro Phase 3 seat
  • the large storage area at the rear


  • It weighs 68 pounds

Extreme Sport Outfitters HydroKaddy


Extreme Sport Outfitters HydroKaddy

Can you go kayak camping if your kayak has limited storage? Maybe you want to go on an extended expedition and pack more camping gear than your kayak can handle? You should invest in a HydroKaddy.

It’s like a mini kayak that you tow behind you. It’s almost four feet long and has a dry hatch and a bungee cord on the top, so about a backpack’s worth of stuff can fit. Though you tow it behind you, its shape minimizes drag, so you won’t even notice it’s there. A stand-up paddleboard can also be an excellent option if you want to go on a short camping trip with it. 


  • It’s a good idea to store wet items in the waterproof hatch
  • which can carry up to 50 pounds of gear
  • with 35 liters of storage


  • It can’t be ridden by itself 


Kayaks that combine comfort, gear storage, stability, and speed are excellent for both novices and experienced paddlers. In addition, there is no shortage of functional features, from the easy-adjust footpegs to the retractable carry handles. With its durable deck and hull material, you should get a lot of use from the Eddyline Skylark.

Since everyone has different needs, the best kayak for you or I may not be the best for someone else. While we’ve selected the Eddyline Skylark as the best kayak for camping, you should consider your intended use and budget before deciding. 

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