Best kayak Cover in 2023

Best kayak Cover

Don’t we all wish kayaking seasons never ended? Summers. Late spring. The all-day pleasure on the lake. We certainly do kayaking aficionados. Unfortunately, they end, and all we can do is wait until the new season begins. Nevertheless, it doesn’t follow that you shouldn’t maintain your kayak in the off-season.  Investing in a high-quality boat cover is part of maintaining a kayak. So no, a standard tarp cover is insufficient.

When so many are on the market today, how do you pick the most excellent kayak cover for your favorite kayaking partner? And for that reason, we are providing you with our list of the best kayak cover we’ve enjoyed using.

Why Is a Kayak Cover Necessary?

Your kayak will be weatherproof if you use a cover. An important consideration is the best kayak cover if you store your kayak outside. Your kayak will be exposed to rain, snow, sleet, hail, and wind if you don’t have a cover. Additionally, UV rays can harm it if it’s sunny.

If you don’t have the best kayak cover, your kayak will probably get dirtier from dirt, mud, debris, and falling leaves. It’s not fun to paddle in a dirty kayak; therefore, investing in a kayak cover is advisable to keep it clean. Even if you store your kayak indoors, dirt and dust can still harm and ruin it. A kayak cover will prevent bugs from getting into your kayak, which many people don’t immediately consider.

What to Consider When Buying a Kayak Cover

There are a few things you should consider while buying a best kayak cover. For a detailed explanation of how to choose the best kayak cover for you, continue reading.


The most important consideration is size because a cover that is too tiny won’t protect or even fit on your kayak. Use the sizing guides provided by most kayak covers sold on Amazon or elsewhere to ensure that the cover you buy will fit. To confirm the accuracy of the sizing chart, you also need to read the reviews. Someone will probably mention it in the reviews if it isn’t.


A kayak cover will last longer if it is thicker. Although thinner covers for kayaks protect them well, they are more prone to tearing. Look for something between 200 and 600 D. Although 200D material ought to be the minimum; many kayak covers are manufactured of 600D.

Outdoor vs. Indoor Storage

Where are you going to keep your kayak? Many kayak covers are made to be stored both inside and outside. However, some qualities become more crucial if you intend to store your kayak outside since UV ray protection is essential if you want your kayak to live longer; not all kayak coverings offer it.


Using breathable material will help prevent mold growth on your kayak. The best kayak cover contains ventilation holes so your kayak may air and dry off, preventing moisture buildup. A mold-filled kayak will smell unpleasant and be harmful to your health.

Full, Cockpit, and Half Cover

Kayak coverings come in three primary categories. The first type is a half cover, which encircles your kayak’s top and bottom but doesn’t completely cover it. Typically, an elastic band is used to create a tighter fit for these kayak coverings. Some other feature movable bandages let you securely wrap the cover over the kayak.

You can grasp a paddle securely with the help of these bandages. However, much other gear, such as your life jacket or fishing gear, cannot fit within half-sized kayak coverings. A full-cover kayak is the second variety. Like placing a knife in a sheath, full coverings are made to fit your complete kayak inside of them.

Comparison Table:

GYMTOP 7.8-18.2ft Waterproof 420D

GYMTOP 7.8-18.2ft Waterproof 420D

The GYMTOP 7.8-18.2ft Waterproof 420D Thickened Kayak Canoe Cover is your new work buddy if you need a kayak cover that shields your priceless kayak from the sun, wind, salt air, and water. The tenacious 420D Oxford Taffeta used to make this kayak cover is highly durable and fade-resistant. The one we possess has already been subjected to various weather conditions and elements because Even in the summer, we reside in a location with harsh sun and heavy rain. Despite this, it has remained in good shape up until this point.

We can confirm that this cover is water-resistant. Rainwater won’t seep through the cover; instead, it will only collect in the low regions. It is also entirely secure. This cover will stay on even in winds of up to 55 mph; take it from someone who lives in a windy area. Its SPF 50+ UV protection successfully shields your kayak from UV damage, which can lead to various issues, including weakening the construction of your boat, destroying the seat textiles, and fading the boat’s color. It blocks out 99% of the sun. Along with keeping out exterior elements, it also prevents entering dust, bugs, spiders, and other pests.


  • Water-resistant
  • Wind-proof
  • Dust-proof
  • has SPF50+ UV defence
  • Ripstop fabric that is strong and very resistant to fading
  • Bungee cord, wrap-around buckles, and an elastic bottom for enhanced security
  • affordably priced
  • Has three adjustable bandages and a drawstring pouch.


  • This kayak is not for you if you’re hoping for something significantly thicker.
  • It would have been nice if there had been extra straps for transporting.

GYMTOP 7.8-18ft Waterproof Kayak cover

GYMTOP 7.8-18ft Waterproof Kayak cover

Considering the price of just purchasing and maintaining a kayak, investing in a high-quality cover shouldn’t put more strain on your finances. The GYMTOP 7.8-18ft Waterproof Kayak Canoe Cover is a tried-and-true top pick for kayak covers and is an excellent value. It is abrasion-resistant, made of ripstop 300D Oxford Taffeta cloth, and features a silver side that reflects heat and glare. Due to its exceptional lightness, it is simple to grab and use to cover your kayak. It is also simple to remove and store.

It has adjustable straps that you can fasten underneath the hull for increased security, especially when it’s very windy, and to keep other elements and animals out. It also has elastic parameters and a pull string that allow for a snug fit. Additionally, it is dust- and UV-resistant. Additionally, this kayak cover offers superb rain protection. Water will trickle onto it when it rains, but the kayak inside will remain bone dry.


  • very reasonable
  • high resistance to water
  • UV-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Straightforward to store and utilize
  • Includes a drawstring-elastic storage bag for kayaks.


  • Not entirely watertight
  • When exposed to heavy rains, it sags into the kayak’s cockpit; therefore, it is preferable first to place a cockpit cover underneath.

MAYMII 2 Kayak Cover Canoe Cockpit cover

MAYMII 2 Kayak Cover Canoe Cockpit cover

If all you want is a simple kayak cover that gets the job done without fuss, the MAYMII 2.6m-6m/7.8-18ft, 7 Sizes Durable Kayak Cover Canoe Cockpit Storage Dust Cover is the one for you. It is made of 210D Oxford Taffeta fabric, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor storage. The fabric has a glossy front and a shining, silver paint substance inside to reflect the sun, offering excellent UV protection for your kayak.

Despite being on the thinner side, the material manages to be exceptionally strong, resilient, and wear- and tear-resistant. Due to its lightweight, it is highly packable and collapsible, making it convenient to transport and store. When a kayak is stored outdoors, this waterproof cover shields it from snow, hail, and rain. However, while your kayak is stored indoors, its elastic drawstring ensures that it remains firmly in place, hugging your kayak and protecting it from dust, mosquitoes, and spiders.


  • extremely robust and lasting
  • The ideal indoor and outdoor storage solution
  • Waterproof clothing
  • Defends boats against vermin, bugs, UV rays, rain, snow, and other elements.
  • extremely light
  • Foldable and packable


  • The fabric is somewhat thin.
  • When exposed to light for a long time, it is prone to breaking.

Classic Accessories StormPro Heavy-Duty Kayak Rubber Boots

Classic Accessories StormPro Heavy-Duty Kayak Rubber Boots

When it comes to maintaining your kayak, UV protection is critical. If you store your kayak outdoors, UV protection is even more important. You’re covered in this area—and more—by the Classic Accessories StormPro Heavy-Duty Kayak/Canoe Cover. It comprises a PVC-free 600D waterproof polyester material that offers maximum protection against water and harmful UV rays. This cover is also meant to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

It is simple to put on and fits any kayak, canoe, or fishing boat up to 12 feet in length. Because the zipper only unzips halfway, you only need to unzip one end of the cover to slide your kayak inside. It has mesh barriers for superior weather resistance and fabric coating technology for the best water repellency.

It essentially serves as a sleeping bag for your kayak, shielding it from the sun, rain, cold, and other severe weather conditions and opportunistic wildlife while leaving space for any kayak attachments. Strong sewn-in handles are incorporated into the ends and sides of this kayak cover to make it simple to pick up, carry, and move around. Additionally, it includes a kayak bag, which significantly facilitates transportation.


  • Outstanding UV protection cover
  • Water-repellent
  • Weatherproof
  • made from a sturdy material
  • Environment-friendly


  • Zippers are somewhat too short.
  • more suited to narrow kayaks
  • Unfit for rooftop transportation

Mexico 8.5-19.7ft Professional Waterproof Camouflage Kayak

Mexico 8.5-19.7ft Professional Waterproof Camouflage Kayak

When your kayak is left indoors during the off-season, dust and filth can also harm it and external factors. Therefore, protecting your kayak from those is just as crucial as protecting it from the elements when you leave it outside. We highly recommend the Mexidi 8.5-19.7ft Professional Waterproof Camouflage Kayak Canoe Storage Dust Cover for anyone who stores their kayak indoors or wants a no-frills, rapid kayak cover.

You can be confident that this kayak cover can keep your kayak secure and protected from any elements thanks to its rugged construction made of sun-reflecting, waterproof polyester material. It has a roll-and-clip fastening and an adjustable elastic drawstring so you can tighten it up snugly over your kayak for a perfect fit.

This kayak cover is available in ten lovely designs and fits seven different kayak and canoe sizes (We prefer the camo variety since it prevents it from standing out and becoming a target for wildlife when we store our kayak in the garden or take it camping). Your kayak is protected from harm with the Mexidi 8.5-19.7ft Professional Waterproof Camouflage Kayak Canoe Storage Dust Cover.


  • Anti-dust
  • Waterproof
  • Ultraviolet-resistant
  • Has a clip fastening and an adjustable elastic drawstring for a better fit.
  • Suitable with 7 different kayak and canoe sizes


  • Since its fabric isn’t ripstop, more caution must be taken when using it to avoid rips and tears.

I COVER Kayak Cover

I COVER Kayak Cover

When it comes to shielding our kayaks from the outdoors and dust and filth buildup, we strongly recommend the I COVER Kayak Cover Canoe Storage Dust Cover. The heavy-duty 600 Denier PU-coated Polyester used to make this kayak cover is marine-grade, resistant to ultraviolet rays, waterproof, and tear-resistant. This cover is made even more robust thanks to the strengthened seams.

It is incredibly roomy and made to fit all of your kayaking necessities, including life jackets, paddles, and other fishing gear. The cover’s practical and reliable sewn-in handles on either end make it easier to carry and transport. Each unit comes with a nice stuff sack. Additionally, each purchase comes with a 1-year warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee, letting you know that the business is confident in the caliber of its goods.


  • quite strong
  • Simple to use and practical
  • made from sturdy, marine-grade materials
  • Exceptional defense against the elements, dust, and filth
  • Ultraviolet-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Tear-resistant
  • Spacious
  • Simple to carry
  • includes a kayak bag
  • 60-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty


  • more expensive than the other kayak covers on the list
  • To prevent water from entering the cover, it must be placed either on its side or upside down with the zipper on the bottom.

Frequently Asked Questions

 In the winter, should I cover my kayak?

No doubt. You should cover your kayak whenever it’s not in use, but you should do so even more during the winter because snow and the associated strong winds can damage it. Because your kayak is more brittle when it’s cold, store it in a dry, warm environment.

Do kayak coverings make sense?

Absolutely. Kayak covers shield your kayak from inclement weather, opportunistic pests, and all kinds of terrible things like filth and grime. If you don’t have a reliable kayak cover, let’s be honest: don’t expect your kayak to last very long.

How should a kayak cockpit be measured?

Measure the cockpit’s length, width, and circumference using a measuring tape. You can find the length by taking a measurement from one side to the other of the cockpit rim edge. Measure the cockpit’s widest point to determine the breadth. Wrap your tape measure around the cockpit rim’s outer border for the circumference. Remember to keep the measurements on file!


We hope that by this point, we’ve emphasized enough how important the best kayak covers are for shielding your kayak from virtually anything. We promise you won’t be sorry if you follow our advice. Every kayak cover mentioned in this post is of the highest caliber. The GYM TOP 7.8-18.2ft Waterproof 420D Thickened best kayak cover, our Editor’s Choice, is an excellent all-arounder for shielding various kayaks from each element and weather situation you can imagine.

Since our Best Value award winner, the GYM TOP 7.8-18ft Waterproof Kayak Canoe Cover, has shown us that you can obtain top-notch quality for less, we’re not precisely firm believers in the adage “You get what you pay for.” Get this one without a doubt if you’re on a tight budget.

If durability is your primary concern when picking a kayak cover, our Top Pick, the MAYMII 2.6m-6m/7.8-18ft,7 Sizes Durable Kayak Cover Canoe Cockpit Dust Cover, is unquestionably well worth taking into consideration as well. Do you already have a choice? Never be reluctant to share it with us!

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